Tuesday, January 17, 2012

mustard seed

...When I was a small girl, I wanted a necklace like this...a mustard seed locket
My best friend had one.
I never did get it.
I was reminded of it today while searching through my spice box
for thyme and dill weed for chicken soup that I was making early this morning....

The little red capped jar just stared at me
and I was back to 4th grade wanting that necklace
"Faith of a mustard seed"

I asked for a sign
Who would know that it would show up
on a cloudy,gloomy day
in the spice box?

Hang in there
all will be well
all will be what's meant to be.

...go ahead let the tears fall
..why do you think God gave us tears?
they wash us out from the inside
and sometimes it takes several car washes to bring relief
but relief does come
Well, this mustard seed locket wanting little girl
believes this.


  1. smiles...glad you got ur sign...do hang in there...all will be fine...smiles.

  2. thank you Brian, you faithful friend of blogland

  3. Beautiful story Suz and isn´t it amazing how things just happen, or so it seems?

  4. Brian is right... Im happy you got the sign sis!



  5. Oh, I remember those mustard seed necklaces! But it's your chicken soup I crave right now.

  6. A sure sign that eventually we get everything that is important!

  7. I so hope you are right. Especially about the tear part. I'm preparing. Life is telling a story of possible loss again in our family, though I hope not soon. As the wind blows in gales tonight here, I'm comforted by your yours, and your attitude.

  8. Wow, great post, and your soup looks delicious.

  9. Oh, Vicki...you remember...
    and the soup was so good....perfevt actually...and that is rare..and very hard to repeat with chicken soup..any soup actually

  10. Hi John..I believe in signs and intuition...I just have to open to it ...and in my case...only faith will get me through..and love

  11. Uma..all will not be well....but what will be well is getting through it and acceptance... and of course ,a circle of love that is forming...will be our strength

  12. thank you Jj....you are a dear friend of blogland too....I feel your caring ,thank you

  13. Rosaria, yes we do. But when it is our children and grandchildren..it is almost unbearable....as you know...I think of you daily- still -and your going forward strengthens me

  14. Rick...I know how close you are to your family...I will think of you and send you warm hugs...I don't need to say a word...hugs speak loudly..... know I care...and yes...let them flow when it is time...they wash

  15. Oh Bethany! You visiting me at this time means so much to me...
    and when I feel stressed I cook...soup Learned this from my Jewish friend....soup is the language of comfort....how are you doing....how I miss hearing about you..take care..and stop by again

  16. Keep watching for those signs. They are everywhere.
    Take care of yourself and know, in your heart, that things will be all right.

  17. Perhaps you should look on etsy for your own seed of faith necklace. We should all wear one :)

  18. Dear Suz,

    it is rare to see you the one with the heavy heart, usually you are lifting everyone up. I wish I could do more to help you up - just know I'm sending love and prayers and HOPE your way.


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