Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miss Laguna Beach goes to art class now
she skyped me to show me her art kit
Then little guy pushed his way to the camera to show me
he could write his name
and told me he doesn't want to go to school 2 days a week
Montessori....they make him take a nap
he doesn't want to nap...he's too busy doing things..wanting to do things
ha...oh to be little again....nap...yeah that sounds good
I hate being away from my heart aches for their little arms around me
for the sound of I love you grandma in my ears
I love being a grandma
but my heart right now breaks because I am a grandma
for a little one yet not born
may never be born
but none the less, is loved
and I can't skype her


  1. awww u know you miss them...

    skype is so cool...but def hugs are all the better...

  2. Oh, I do know what you are missing right now and can only try to feel the longing you have for the wee one mentioned last. Hugs from one grandma to another.

  3. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!
    I see you and them sharing and sharing, and then, time for a nap, and still the young man needs to share and share and share...

    May courage and faith guide you in the coming months. So much of life is not our doing.

  4. Hugs my sister! It will soon work out. I felt the love when you say you love being grandma to these lovely kids...


  5. Grandmas are the very best, and are truly wonderful for hugging!

  6. Love is such a wonderful thing even though it hurts at times.

  7. you are in my thoughts every day. sending you light and love and hope. xo

  8. I am sending positive thoughts your way! I am wondering if I should send the baby sweater or wait until you have good news?

  9. oh friend.
    heart aching with and for you
    and sending love and prayers
    for healing happening
    and peace.
    peace and comfort to you,

  10. Beautiful expression of a sad time -- the last sentence is heart-breaking.


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