Thursday, January 5, 2012

I am out of cat food.

Ms Kitty O'Shea is near rebellion

Abigail is slipping into depression

and Boo, he tried to run away this morning.

So it is off to Petsmart
and as long as I am out....:)
maybe I'll stop at Homegoods
the Bible thrift store
and Hobby Lobby

I know...I'm bad

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  1. Hi Suz! An awesomely wonderful 2012 to you! Your post made me smile as my Sophia, whom I swear has an eating disorder, is begging me for my vitamins..just the shaking of them in the bottle reminds her of food...LOL! Take care and hugs, Connie

  2. ha....have fun write you are out...our new kitten brought us her first bird yesterday...

  3. Your darling fur balls make me yearn to find another. Allergies have delayed that thought. But wait, take me with on your morning excursions.
    Love those stores that are so many, many miles away. Have a great day without me.

    Also, must tell you, I loved Raging River.~~~my heart has been down that river.


  4. Enjoyed this post, Suz !
    Those sweeties, they are so cute !

  5. Henry says "Get to the store ASAP, Suz!"

  6. Oh no! Will they wait until you return?What beauties they are!

  7. Off you go before you have a rebellion on your hands.


  8. I've committed that same deadly sin of not having cat food, and lived to tell about it--Only because our cat was fooled by canned dog-food that she thought was a real treat...I didn't tell her the truth and think it's best if I don't! :-)

    I hope you've had an enjoyable day!!!

  9. Do some shopping for me while you're out. I have turned over a new leaf this new year. No more frivolous shopping. I need to make a concerted effort to stay on budget. It is tempting though. Too bad cats can't eat other stuff. Then you wouldn't have to feel so bad bringing stuff home from Hobby Lobby, thrift stores, etc. Can you try and trick them??? I don't think so...too smart!!

  10. You are brave. Those cats could start a riot at any moment. They look really annoyed.
    But... if you have to go out for cat food there's no reason not to have some fun. Home Goods and Goodwill are my favorite stores.

  11. Our cats are eating us out of house and home! Are they putting something in the cat food? I had to laugh at the small ways our lives parallel. I love Homegoods and my car turns on its own accord every time I drive near the Red, White and Blue thrift store. Guess we really ARE all branches on the same tree.

  12. Hilarious!!!! Love the pics of the kitties! Awwww, I wish that we had a Bible Thrift Store! :(


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