Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's not the berries getting quadruple bypass
but that's what my little brother is having this morning
Today it's off to Indiana to sit and wait
and hand wring and pray
and walk the floors of the hospital
He wasn't as lucky as my husband
But he does have a guardian angel
who got him to the doc just in time to head off
the widow maker
Truthfully, I am exhausted in the heart

maybe I'll take up painting again
my strawberries aren't that bad 


  1. Prayers are winging their way to you and your brother, Suz. I will add prayers to the Gods that you will get a break soon. I feel that you/your family have had it in sixes rather than three's. :/ And what is with all of the heart 'synchronicities'---I have an appt with my doctor this afternoon for a referral to a Cardiologist. Have had two scary nights with the heart...
    Hugs and love and light and healing prayers
    Blessed Be

  2. Meant to add that taking up painting again would be a wonderful thing for you to do. :) I love your strawberries. :)

  3. dropping a prayer for him and for you today...nice pic though...love me some berries & short cake...

  4. Suz, sending healing prayers and thoughts your brother's way - and yours too!

  5. Praying for your brother.

    The strawberries look good enough to eat. Paint!

  6. Whoa...you have had your fair share haven't you!! I am sending love and light to wash over and protect your brother and you during this difficult time. The light of god surrounds you, the love of god enfolds you, the power of god protects over you, the presence of god watches over you. Wherever you are, god is!!

  7. And my word verification for that was "dousi", which was so apropos!!

  8. I love the picture. Keeping your brother in my thoughts

  9. Good wishes and prayers going your way.

  10. Oh, my goodness. Courage and hope to you and yours, Suz. xoxo

  11. Keeping you and your brother and the rest of your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Sending prayers and healing thoughts in your direction that all are doing well!! Take care!!

    PS: Your strawberries look great!

  13. Let's hope that this new year beginning is the beginning of healing for your husband and brother. Keeping a prayer for you and your family..... The strawberry painting is wonderful, but YOU paint your family and surroundings with love and comfort.

  14. peace to you and your ticker
    and to your brother and his
    ...and bravo on the berries!
    they look like the bright red ones
    my grandmother had painted on the walls
    of her kitchen.
    loving and lifting you all
    berry much,

  15. You will always be in my prayer!.. And your family too...


    Nice painting... One thing i cannot do...

  16. Praying for you all--for successful surgery and speedy recovery.

    Nice painting!

  17. Indeed a scary time Suz, my thoughts are with you and yours. Wishing your brother a full and speedy recovery.

    Beautiful image too!

  18. Younger brothers and sisters aren't suppose to have serious problems. They're the babies of the family. I'm very protective of mine.
    Hope all goes well and your brother recovers with speed and good health.


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