Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have always collected
I am not a collector,
except for a short period of time when
I couldn't get enough of old readers
old bottles,and  lusterware teapots..(want one?)
No, my collecting began when I was first able to walk around the neighborhood
on my own....I filled my pockets with rocks and marbles
and broken pieces of anything shiny..that I found along the way
I loved adventure...and this was treasure hunting
My best finds were an old Italian coin
an arrowhead....that I retrieved out of the Fox river
a fossil of a snail in limestone that I dug out of the sand
while wading in Lake Michigan
a tiny brass pin with a flower basket on it made out of mosaic pieces
a red shooter marble
the only thing I still have is that pin

As I go through my closets,drawers,basement,and garage,
hoping to clear more things out,
I realize that I have always saved things that have had meaning to me

Now, I am saving every drawing that my granddaughter sends them
and placing them in a big white scrapbook

I have an old cabinet in the basement that has been opened only a few times since we moved here
17 years ago...and that cabinet moved along with us from three previous homes
dare I open it today....of course....
stuff....grand old stuff......from almost everyone that I have ever loved
Stuff that when you see it it transports you

I will be traveling today where only I can go

stuff..maybe that's why
 I have saved all  of these things
...for just a day as this...
when I need to go back and touch my life
touch everyone that I have loved who is gone
shed a few tears of love and longing
make room for the ones yet to come


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Karen, yes I should see my jewelry box
      Why yesterday I found old Nixon& Humphrey buttons
      and a peace button...yikes

  2. That photo looks like it could have been taken in my attic! I've been collecting for my entire life and I feel it's going to take years to sort through it all, but I've been trying. A friend went on a similar cleanse of her closets/attic and simply took photos of the items she was finding it hard to let go of. I thought that was a brilliant idea and would like to try it myself...

    1. too? Oh my, I guess that is a good thing then...saving bits ourselves in concrete things...touchstones in a way....
      but there is so much stuff that doesn't have meaning and therefore must go...!
      I shall try photographing these things...good idea

  3. Beautifully nostalgic Suz, your song of life.

    1. it's a tune alright
      I guess I am a sentimental romantic at heart

  4. I love hearing about your collections. I love apothecary glass a lot. Thank you so much for your support and your kind words over at my blog. The friendships we form here are such a blessing. Thank you again.

    1. Relyn...kindess has been returned to me often on blogs...we do create close friendships here..and so many care about what we are going through
      so much loss in blogland this year
      so much comfort sent our ways too
      and I think it matters in the end that people cared
      Would you like some bottles or blue canning jars?
      just say the word....

  5. boys are collectors as well every time we go i was as dish by the bed full of treasures...i hope the trip back is good for you today...

    1. Brian, I just knew you would understand

  6. Beautiful as always... Since i have been moving around from towns and cities, then countries to countries, i haven't saved any except memories and pictures. Now, probably i can start.


    1. Jj....stay put for awhile......and begin to gather ...
      but as I are not a clutterbug....
      house the new home going?

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  8. The similarities never cease to amaze me. Surprise, I was a treasure hunting kid, surprise-still am. I think I have a 50 year old acorn in my jewelry box, I also have a scrap of paper my niece drew colored circles on 33 years ago and painstakingly wrote the word g u m. And oh the fossils and stones and other glorious bits, maybe it is just our way of gathering beauty and trying to hold it close.

    1. hey funny
      yes I think we could be quite good friends
      arrowheads? did you say....oooo!
      I only found one..and it was the thrill of my life
      I dug it out of the mud on the shore of the river
      I ran so fast back to the tent to show my dad that I hit the tent spike and tore open my toe..but I held onto the arrowhead
      and yes, I think inour lives we can see how we gather other things close to us..

  9. Hi Suz,

    Love this post. Obviously, I have the "disorder" too, that's why I curate my vintage shop..LOL! I still put things in my pockets-shells, marbles, ceramic shards, bones. I have a box for each grand kid with little notes, pictures, paintings, etc. However, lately I have been putting albums together and giving the pictures that I have taken of my grand kids to them (now that they are older). The other day my grand kids old billy goat passed away and my grand daughter apologized that her dad got rid of the carcass without saving the horns for me...oh my! Thank you, Suz for your heart, always! Connie

  10. Connie! what a story! and what a dear sweet grnaddaughter who thought of you and your collecting.....we may have convert there

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