Friday, January 6, 2012

Things are back to normal.
I stocked up on cat food yesterday, cupboard full with canned and dry
always choices when it comes to my spoiled brat cats
 I would confess that Ms.Kitty O'Shea prefers Jewel rotisserie chicken,dark meat chopped fine,
but you might think me an enabler, so I won't.
I also came home with a few cat toy mouses and a squirrel feeder
!@!#@#! I know....but I love squirrels and I love birds and this feeder says that it
will keep the rascals busy so the birds can eat...I'll let you know
Then I went on to Goodwill
and found this necklace

It jingles when moved
yep, that one has my name on it
paid a buck for it
All in all a good day.


  1. You are a sweet one. This is precious. I wear about a dozen silver bangles, just to hear their clinkety-clink, so I get the jingling criteria, I do. I so like your posts, they are snippets, but there is more here then cat food and bracelets. You are able, in a few short lines, to let the reader feel like they know you, that they just had a conversation with a friend and celebrate her find of the day right along with her. Nice work.

  2. Really? I'm supposed to offer my new cat food from my plate? Won't she give up her cat food?

  3. I always love the way you deal on every little happiness you have... I feel like reading me... Hahaha...

    Yes you're right sister, everything is back to normal...


  4. Rosaria, Ms Kitty thinks cat food is for cats...she is a higher form of life

  5. that is a really cool piece of jewelry...and the cats they are happy...smiles.

  6. Love the necklace, and those cats have such a loving owner, they are very lucky.

  7. A squirrel feeder. Now that's a great compromise. I Knew you wouldn't do anything drastic.
    What a super find at Goodwill. It's really a cool necklace.
    Spare a squirrel and find a treasure... life is good... and the cats are happy.

  8. All in all a purr-fect little story Suz! :)

  9. trekking your blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!


  10. full cuboard sweet!
    and you are one fierce shopper:)
    happy Saturday to you,

  11. That's a gorgeous necklace. Well discovered!

  12. I love days like this when you get all of your shopping in and it is just an all around good day! Love that necklace!!!! Only a buck! That is awesome! :)


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