Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beautiful strong words

I found this quote in one of my journals.
It made me well up
with everything I have ever suffered.
Oh, yes, many porches and many songs.
Having spent the day with my mother yesterday,
I am reminded of how many songs she has song and gone on.
We women are blessed with voice.


  1. spring comes after winter,
    bliss arrives after sorrows...

    very bright quote.
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Why Jingle..that is beautifull and true....and I know this bliss
    and it is welcomed

  3. life, women, song...voices.
    oooh, what a shiver i got from this quote!

  4. too! I guess that's why I saved it

  5. Suz, that is a beautiful entry. I had a long entry written and then realized it was all kind of sad news. Tomorrow I will write an entry that is the beginning of hope for me in many ways.

  6. Oh Lucy...another song to sing
    I be by tomorrow

  7. We must all, women that is, be the keepers of the songs.

  8. I love these words - esp. the last line- we women are blessed with song--
    and we voice our 'songs' in different ways.

  9. What a beautiful quote. I like your words, too, especially "We women are blessed with voice."

  10. That is a song, Sue. Beautiful.


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