Friday, April 23, 2010

I got me taken care of today. My friend, Staci, squeezed me in for a root touch up. Nothing will get you down more than roots showing on blonde hair. She always tries to tweek it up a bit....last time she ramped it up to almost platinum...whoa! Staci, I said...I need you to tone it down a bit...My "chic" is gone. Well, she just about spun my chair around so fast I almost had lift off ...WHAT DO MEAN! she says..her eyes wide like a crazy Greek woman (which she is)
Just tone it down...until my inside matches my outside.
But this sweet caring woman knew it was more than hair. So she did tone it down to a nice ash blonde...not saying another word
until....I was ready to leave
Listen,she says...get through the next couple of weeks..then we'll work out together...Heck I NEED YOU to rustle my rear to the gym...We can walk....and heck..I'll even try your pillots...(I knew she meant Pilates,bless her heart) We'll get your chic back in no time..
We'll head for Oakbrook and shop our heads off when we're back in shape.....I love spending your money..right?
She's right..she does....but she has such a good eye for clothes and ex-cess0ories
I'm doing....I said....and she knew what I meant.......can I find my way back?...I'm going to be 60 this December...GASP!!! I couldn't believe I said it outloud. Can you still be a chic at ...I can't say it again!
She gave me a big hug...she knows how hard I worked so late in life to find myself and what I liked...
Sure you know.. I bought a new DVD the other day...I'll let you watch it...It's called the Cougar Workout
Good grief........that made me laugh my arse off......
What's Rachel got that we don't have?
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  1. A gal's best friend her hair dresser. A couple of my lady friends actually left their husbands and ran off with their Male hairdresser...

    Have a good week end and do not forget to strut your stuff.


  2. Just need to let you know that life after 60 is wonderful. I know from personal experience!

  3. got me smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!
    big smiling....thanks girlfriend

  4. Oh, I LOVE this interaction! Made me smile and laugh and sigh.
    I'm struggling with a big birthday too in less tan 2 months.
    I'm so glad I found you and Begin Again. I'm trying.
    I am.
    And I'm cheering you on.

  5. Suz, I will beat you to 60 by 6 months, I feel sluggish but hopeful.
    I started walking again, so we will see.
    I love, Love, LOVE your kitchen window. I have made many stained glass windows with glass paint and I adore your peacock. We have the same likes. Birds, feathers, colored glass, flowers, special moments., me time.
    Reading back entries of yours makes me realize how fortunate I was to know and be with my Dad. We were always first, and there were 9 of us. I'm so sorry you didn't have more time with your Dad. I'm sure he thought he was 'there' for you in his own way.
    And, now, Hold that Pose, just long enough for a picture, then, whoop it up girl!

  6. HEY girlfriend! I TURNED ^) remember?!
    And if Dunkin' Donuts can do it, so can we.
    Don't fret. I'll hold your hand.
    And we'll go to Staso together while she makes Chickie Babes. I'll get the works next Friday.
    After all, who looks at anything else when your hair looks great?

  7. Some birthdays are so hard, especially when you feel so much younger inside than your actual age. I think you're an inspiration at any age. And what a great hairdresser you have!

    The Cougar Workout ... good grief is right.

  8. It all comes from the inside - the outside is just a reflection of that. . . and YOU have GOT IT inside in bucket fulls! I can feel it - Just let it shine! :-)

  9. smiles,
    smile, smile, worry is gone,
    think, think, no more frown!

    this is for YOU!

    Happy Saturday!

  11. That image? I really love it.

  12. what did women do before hair color?
    makes us look younger, feel younger and be younger.

  13. I love your post, am new to your blog, and love your style.

    Nothing better than time spent with your hairdresser, and yours sounds hilarious., and sweet.

    It's true it's whats on the inside that counts, that's what my wonderful
    83year old mother in law tells me.

  14. White roots don't look so hot when you have dark hair either! :-)

    I have birthday number 59 coming up next month and I can honestly say I feel great. It must be all that walking that I do. :-)

  15. OIh's that damn transition thing...that's why God made girlfriends...I'm taking mine and a few bottles of wine to Galena
    Dar..we do share a lot don't we..!? and I miss my dad so much..What would he have been like old...? ..don't know..but i feel him within me so many times..
    Ah Mar..sweet as's not the's the inside..that's off with the outside...I wish I was platinum on the inside...right now..a sensible ash blonde with hints of platinum hairstylist is the best of girlfriends...she is gold
    and that DVD is kidding
    Oh Susannah..I thought of you today...was going to buy you an old book...Susannah of the Galena...but then I realised I don't know where you live..but I guess it's good enough I thought of you...I'm okay.sus..I'm just on grandma mode right now
    Karen and jingle....Oh if you have read my blog back farther enough you would know that I have been tagged with Susie Sunshine since a wee child....Oh I smile...I just want to feel like a chic! oh 60?! not sure I can pull it off...'re darn tootin! No glory in gray drab my case..drab mousey brown hair
    And Nana.. Thanks...if that is the case..and I think it is...I'm a chic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy one...that is hilarious...I never thought about it that way
    Relyn...I hope you're not thinking about the Cougar workout image!!!
    ANd if anyone has stuck this out to the more thing
    I love you all
    kindred women
    truly I do

  16. But you ARE Platinum on the inside. And in the core, a heart of Gold.

    Satsi just makes the outside Chickie Babe.

    You do the inside.

    It's a number, that's all.

    Bikes, woods, when.


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