Monday, April 5, 2010

they're coming next week

So much of your ordinary
I have missed
Thank goodness for UPS
and Mr. Skype
or I'd hardly know much at all
except for the whirlwind visits
when I couldn't stop my heart from
breaking when you packed your toys
and books
to go on the airplane
back to your dog
back to your house
back to where I don't live

This time when you come
I'm going to have you
plant some seeds
I'll water them
watch them grow
hope you'll return before they flower little flowers
of my bouquet of life...
..grow where you're planted
your soil is full of my love
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  1. awwww thats gotta be so hard to see them go,my grandsons live about three blocks away and even though I'm releaved when they leave I always miss them and have to see them the next day. Thats a great idea about planting the seeds with them. Enjoy your visit.

  2. Thanks Buffy...yes it is hard not being there to watch the ordinary in their lives..I think we'll go and pick out seeds..and pots and I'll send them pictures and maybe some seeds to take home and plant..
    3 blocks nice

  3. Oh, your words are so sweet and so filled with love. I love that precious photo. Such sweeties.

    Love is the best!

  4. I may have been checking out his 'footies" but my little friend (next to me in the white jacket in the photo)was taking pictures of his "crack." Everytime he bent over to get more flowers, it showed and she grabbed her camera. We were, of course, giggling and others did not notice! I mean how could they not?

    Now, you may want to delete this comment!

  5. It must be so hard to watch them leave. Planting seeds is a wonderful idea. Your words are beautiful and would make such a nice gift for the little ones when they get a bit older and can understand.

    Hmmm, looks like someone doesn't really want to be a princess :o)

  6. I wanted to add that my grandmother wrote sweet poems for me when I was a baby and it was so beautiful when I found them as an adult tucked away in my baby book. .

  7. You know my eyes are full, Sue. Beautiful. Yes, start a book for them of your poetry. My mother did - for me. I have some for Danielle. And that photo is a prize-winner!

  8. Just beautiful, Suz! I agree with everyone that you should make a collection of your poems for them...and thank you for sharing with us.

    By the way, I posted a turtle story under your comment on my flag post, if you have time to stop by?

    Love and hugs!

  9. The look on his face as he tolerates what his sister is doing to him is PRICELESS!!!

  10. from one grandma to another, my heart ached to read this. i so understand, but adore the idea of planting seeds.

  11. Gosh, that's so hard.
    You capture it all here.
    Love the idea of planting seeds with them. Love love love it!!!!
    For you and them. Perfect.


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