Friday, April 30, 2010

For Bethany

"Jump" Joseph Cambell says. 
He's right.
I know, I's been said over and over steps.
If I hadn't jumped... I would never have changed my life.
It takes full resolve and power of will to jump for your life and change.
Even little changes..not earth moving ones, need the power of JUMP
baby steps will get you somewhere..but you'll probably soon forget where that is
Now when you JUMP it's a literal leap of faith that you'll land
and it gets your adrenalin pumping and energy begets energy
even if it's to quietly meditate...
.You don't want to carry a regret with you....time runs with gusto..don't let your heart's desire get a seeker of a jouful soul and happy heart
JUMP today.....the water's fine


  1. agree,
    sometimes we must try and go ahead by jumping, thank you for the insightful thoughts.

  2. From an often jumper to an often jumpee...good advice, actually the best advice! I've watched with great sorrow at dear ones refusals to step off to possibilities of better lives.

  3. It's our lives!
    Too bad.. pushing doesn't help
    one must JUMP
    Oh the word POSSIBILITES
    another word for.. I live

  4. Jingle...I always say...
    forward..the only direction

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  6. I will JUMP for the JOY of LIFE today. Each day is really a very precious gift.

    Hugs to you my dear friend...

  7. oh suz, i loved what you said about not being able to push someone-that they must choose to jump!
    i'm embarrassed to say it but i feel like the person who only jumps when it doesn't really count...

  8. I love Joseph Campbell! I have a couple of his books and they are pretty tattered after being read and re-read and underlined and dog-eared. I love it when he talks about answering the call to go on the hero's journey. He is such a wise man.

  9. Sheri..I think it always counts..your alive and making a choice...and we learn by making choices...even not so good ones it seems at the time..but all our jumps are our journey
    Goldenbird somehow I knew you would like him...
    Hero's journey...yes

  10. Such a little word, with such a powerful meaning. That's what life is about isn't it, all those jumps we make for what ever reason.

    Another great post.

  11. JUMP is powerful...its action! Now
    big action....both feet

  12. You have no idea how your words affected me today.
    I am about to become a "jumper" again. Life is too short. Thank you.

  13. Oh Suz! Oh You!
    It's late late. I am trying to catch up on my fave blogs. I am zoning out, falling back into my life here with Susie. We ate dinner together. We are in our separate rooms. But both here, together, in our house. I am comfortable. I've got the TV on. The computer warms my lap. Nothing has changed yet. I cried and cried in tharapy tonight. I just can't seem to get myself decided, brave enough. JUST before I click on your blog, my heart sinks when I hear Susie moving around, and I think, I can't do this. I need her here with me. I can't live here alone. I can't let her go. Or if she goes, I have to go too, start fresh somewhere else. I start falling into my despair and confusion and stuck and then click and there you are talking to me. To ME! Telling me, showing me how. Really? Can I really?
    You and Joseph trying to show me the way.
    Thank you for this, for thinking of me so perfectly, for knowing, for being your dear sweet self, for finding me, for helping me along.
    Begin again.
    Okay. Okay.

  14. And it's weird really, I KNOW this, because if you look at my writing practice I bet the word "jump" or "leap" shows up too many times to count.

  15. I just read this over and pritned it out.
    I love "jump for your life" and the part about forgetting where that is, with the baby steps.
    That's ME. I keep forgetting.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  16. It's been said that its not the things we do in life that we regret but they things we didn't do.
    So your right lets take that jump!!

  17. Oh Bethany...
    be bold
    be brave
    be determined
    take hold of YOUR life
    be happy

    :) !!!!!!

  18. my day feels more *normal* having read from suz!!!

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet word. my dad's doing a little better and i'm on my way to our friend's viewing.



    some May awards,
    Happy Sunday!

  20. Hm, clicked on your blog just now Jan 2012, this morning, to see you and the little fluffy squirrel sitting so patiently. Below I see this little box of a past post, says "for Bethany." I better click there. How did you know I needed to read this again? I see my comment above and Susie is now moved out (aug 2010) and I am still living here somehow on my own. I have gardened for one and a half summers all by myself, mowed the lawn, taken care of the house. I jumped. But now I need to jump again, to try to find more of a life for myself, more adventures, more joy and connection. Maybe even love. Thank you Suz, you're the bestest best.


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