Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I comforted a neighbor this morning who is going through some hard times and in comforting her I comforted myself...funny thing..
Everyone has an anniversary of the heart that still stings. It heals but never leaves...only a scar. But we go on..
All will be well I told her and I meant it. Forward is the direction.
Life is beautiful...so much of it free...just look around you ...take it in
...and it is fleeting...whether it be a day, a moment or 80 years.......
enjoy the days... sunshine or rain....it is worth living
your life......
and always smile...it does a being good
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  1. A smile not only makes you feel good, but the person you are smiling at. Try smiling at people you pass in the grocery store, etc. and they usually smile back.

  2. Wonderful advice for your neighbor! Thanks so much for stopping by. I think the amaryllis was uncany. Oh, when my grandmother passed away, the next day a rose bloomed on our pink rose plant...only the rose was red! It still blooms in red. We all find that simply amazing.

  3. Thank you for comforting me as well as your neighbor with these wonderful words today. xo

  4. Thank you for the reminder and the uplifting post. What a great neighbor you are ...

  5. I'm with Karen..yes to all of it

    What a nice neighbour you are..
    Very important that we show people that we care about them in this busy world where it is so easy to just do your own thing

  6. God sure has made many miracles. All we need to do is open our eyes and see each and every thing. You are a dear friend. Isn't it a miracle in itself to see how helping another helps ourselves.

  7. yes it is Dar...
    and she has been a good neighbor to me...

  8. Sweet stuff.
    Fantastic reminders.
    LOVE your tag.


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