Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kitchen window

This is the window above the sink in my kitchen. Time to clear it I can look out at summer.
In the winter I like to put the colorful glass up to keep me hopeful....
Things there:
sage feathers in a glass vase that holds rocks collected from California beaches by my grandkids
spirit rock
love rock
easter lily from hubby
oxalis that I love to watch it leaves fold up at night and it has the most cheerful dainty white flowers
and the bowl it is in has people faces for legs and it's cobolt blue
hanging over the window is a stained glass picture of birds..I love birds
and then maybe you can see the the metal bird hanging off of it
with the blue marble...
A gal's got to be surounded by the things that lift her heart
sometimes that is all that there is in that day
that does
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  1. What a peaceful, bright arrangement, the peacock stained glass window is beautiful!

  2. OOOooh, beautiful! I LOVE the stained glass . . .and the birds. . . and everything! :-)

  3. So true...and as the years go by the things that I hold dear and cheer me...changes. I find myself going from everything but the kitchen sink to simply empty. There is a method to my madness though...I just don't like to clean as much in the warmer less is easier to maintain. In the winter the dust collects and I'm okay with that. There's no rush to be outside in the garden during winter.
    Your window arrangement is lovely, as well as the view from your window.

  4. See, we all have a little kitchen shrine:)

  5. oh my goodness! i feel just like i'm sitting at your table with a hot cup of coffee!!
    thanks so much for your generous comment AND for following, my dear, made my day :)
    can't wait to see what's outside once you move your things...

  6. Love the stained glass birds, Suz! They are gorgeous. Sounds like you have many lovely, meaningful items in your kitchen window ... where will they go when you move them?

    I would love to have more images of birds in my apartment. Right now I only have a couple, but I do have one of those bird clocks that tweets and sings every hour on the hour. Even after a year the cats still sometimes look at it in confusion. :o)

  7. GB-I have that clock too!!!!!!
    I love's been banished to the laundry room
    But my family hates it...but they don't live here anymore and hubby...well...his vote doesn't count..If it were up to him ...I'd have nothing around...loser
    My cats ignore it...except for the mourning doves..that one still gets them.....
    Thanks you sheri...I follow because I liked what I read and hope to read more...
    Red- yes it is sort of like a shrine isn't it...but I have one of those my dining room...
    Mheart...colored glass..nothing like it to start the heart for me
    Roseanna...thanks..come by never know what you'll find here...but it's all honest

  8. Hi Suz,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the name of yours. We learn things and then, sometimes we need to learn them again, begin again!
    To answer your question:
    I know that the black doors and window frames, is common in the south and in farmhouses. I think the theory was with all the dirt around, it was easier to keep looking clean. I have a black island with granite, and the rest of the cabinets are glazed off white with black counter tops. I have painted the doors and windows (not the frames) black. I really love it! Try it...

  9. Nice and colorful. I can see why it makes you happy!

  10. Hello Suz,
    I love birds too !
    Nice things you have there, beautiful souvenirs.
    Have a great weekend,

  11. Oh, I do love little peeps into my friends lives and homes.

  12. loved this,
    fabulous post!
    i feel all refreshed here!

  13. Really love this little peek and explaination. Great idea for winter.
    Love that stained glass.
    Can the Lily be planted outside now?
    I'm so happy you've started Morning Glories. What colors? I found a double blossomed magenta one for this year.

  14. ..and if that doesn't work,I will always be there in that day to "lift your heart"...just say when.

  15. OH Bethany...I always plant them in the garden...I even garbage pick them out of the trash piles after easter...really...'Cause I know they can be planted and do return all full of blooms...
    Do you have to ask...Heavenly BLue of course!


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