Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Chicago

This gave me a laugh on my way to my daughter's house...thought I'd share
You never know what you'll see going through this end of town......
At the next corner I saw a man reaching into a garbage can and pulling out a pair of jeans... then put them on...
always something... a slice of life
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  1. We call these scenes, Random Acts Of Randomness.
    And kosher to go???

  2. what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    is that copyrighted

  3. Sounds like something I see in San Francisco. You never know what is around the corner.

  4. Can't help but wonder how that man felt about his "new" jeans. As I get older (every HOUR!) I try to recognize some measure of dignity in such scenes. I admit, it's not easy to do, and I often fail. But somehow I think we should, as the saying goes, walk a mile in his sho.....jeans....

    Makes us think, and makes us appreciate our lives.


  5. Rick, indeed he looked very pleased at his new duds.....I love driving down Lawrence avenue..truly a slice of life most of us don't see....the poor elderly, the homeless, prostitutes, drunks...you get it...but I am always amazed at how they greet the day and go on
    I was getting a laugh out of the truck by the way not the man with his new jeans

  6. that's funny,
    you are instant and sharp observer!

  7. it is harder to learn how to ride a bike when we are older...
    thank you for the reflections!
    enjoy a cheerful moment!

  8. That truck is great and the jeans are pretty funny. My family is from Chicago, and even though I was born in CA, when I hear about it something in me says "home". I've heard so many great stories from my folks.

    We don't get too much funny stuff like that around here, although one time I did see a man in a restaurant use a lint roller on his arm pits like it was deodorant. :o)


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