Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's that grandma?

Reagan loves her grandma. She wants to know everything. Why this grandma..why that grandma? How come? can I go? I don't have this at home.....hint hint. And she heard my garden gong....and her eyes widened and her ears were up like a poochies....what's that grandma? A gong. What's a gong? When the wind goes through grandma's garden it touches the string and the little wooden circle moves and touches the golden plate and makes a pretty sound that let's grandma know that the wind has visited. OOO! she liked this..wanted to touch it....."I'm the wind!"
Oh to believe that we can be the wind......that easily!
Will she remember the gong when she is grown up like I remember the sound of sparrows chirping in the nests in my grandma's neighbor's gutter..just under the roof shingles? I remember lying in bed next to my grandma..listening to the awakening birds....happy..happy to by grandma Sophie. I'm certain she was disgusted by the birds nesting so close to her house..but to me it was a special sound that I connect to her.......happy chirping sparrows
Will Reagan remember the sound of the gong and grandma's garden...and me?
We never know what a child remembers or connects with.....if only we had that power.
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  1. I think she will.
    A gong is such a distinct sound and you took the time to explain and show her, the practical and the magic. Lovely memories of you gramma. Sweet stuff.

    I remember when we were kids, on a particularly windy day, all of us pretending they were the wind and running around in flocks as it blew us this way and that. Except I was too slow and couldn't keep up. For some reason that stuck with me, that I couldn't be the wind with the other kids. Got to be my own wind now, softer and slower, but that's okay.

  2. Bethany! All these years you didn't know that you were the gentle breeze!

  3. Oh she'll remember.
    I still remember my Grandma's perfume, the smell of her coal furnace on a cold morning.
    When I would sleep at her house I could hear the trains at night. Now I live by those same trains, and every time I hear the whistle I am a little girl safe and snug in the love of my Grandma:)
    Such sweet, sweet, memories. Bottle them up, put them away for safe keeping, and when you are missing little Reagan you can open one up relive it over and over again.
    I'm so glad that you visit me.

  4. She will remember, Suz. What lovely poetry about such a charming wind chime. You have the most expressive way to carry a memory, the wind is beneath your wings.

  5. Wow you sweet woman you...
    I guess I'm just like you and Red..we love our families
    How's the little girl doing...I think of her all the time..that sweet smiling face of hers...what will she remember?

  6. Suz

    How to be like the wind...a child who thinks like that will remember..for sure such a gentle blithe spirit..

    "the answer is blowing in the wind"


  7. I remember a lot of nice things from my grandmother.
    I'm sure Reagan will remember too !
    Have a nice Sunday,

  8. You are making memories that she will have with her forever, Sue.

  9. sooooooo sweet that you care for her future. good grandma.

    to believe that we can be the wind...yes.

  10. Great story, and I'm sure she will remember!

  11. How old is Reagan? I think she might remember the gong. I have the happiest memories of playing at my grandmother's house when I was a child. Gardens are so magical, I think they get etched in our minds when we are young. How beautiful that she became the wind.

  12. What a wonderful visit it sounds like - I do hope it becomes a wonderful memory for her!

  13. Of course she will,for sooooooo many years to come.
    I remember mine like yesterday and at almost 65 I treasure those memories more each day. Your grandchildren will too........

  14. I love your gong! I remember a few things at my grandmothers -some things my sister doesn't- the rock in the sandy creek bed that looked like a door! You never know what will stick in your mind when you grow up - but I bet she'll remember the gong. You're so lucky to live near your grandkids!


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