Thursday, April 1, 2010

I have a love affair with old books,especially childrens books and readers. About 10 years ago I was visiting my favorite thrift store and there right in the front of the store were dozens of old books on tables. I had fifty bucks in my pocket. It was like that first drink. I finally had to make choices (damn) I chose the Don Quixote four volume set and Irvings Works. I paid 40 dollars for all.
They sat on this bookcase for years until about 5 years ago when one early morning I heard that the antique road show guys would be in a northshore suburb appraising for charity. My husband and I packed up a painting I had purchased at an antique store and these books.
I waited in line with the books and my husband had the old painting.
I t was warm and sunny and the lines were long. Are you anticipating yet?
I looked over to my husband's line and saw that he was getting rather impatient. But soon I was next and the man took my books and looked them over carefully. ..Wanted to know where I got them...and how much did I pay for them. After I told him he took the books over to where my husband was waiting in line and interrupted the other appraiser and showed him the books.
Excited yet? the man returned and pointed out that the plates were hand colored plates and I should never take them out of the book to sell them. He then held one up to me and said my entire set was worth about $10,000.00..and may be first edition of this translation.
Not bad for a day of thrifting.
My husband didn't do so bad. If we could prove that this painting was from a Disney animator it may be worth $3000.00 And by itself it was worth $500.00.
That was the old thrift stores have people come in to take a look before anything hits the floor. Once in awhile something gets through...but not often. It's the thrill of the hunt though for most of us. And that day I was rewarded.
I found a last will and testament in an old book of poetry.....but that's another story for another day.....
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  1. That's fantastic Suz! Good eye. Did you sell or chose to keep the books?

  2. If it were up to my husband they would be long gone...but they are mine...

  3. Congratulations on such a good buy! You have me worried is April 1st?!

  4. Oh, my goodness that is a wonderful story! What fun.

    This is a fun story. I only worked for a company (that is where I met my dear, wonderful friend Stacy) for
    4 1/2 years so did not think I had full-filled the five year requirement for retirement money. But for some reason I do. I am so excited! I will be getting $220 a month from now on. If I live for 20 more years (which I plan on doing) that will be a total of $52,800. Fun!

    Hava a great day dear friend.

  5. Whooo Hooo! Paydirt!

    I couldn't sell them either, some things are worth more than money, they are a peice of history.

    And my husband is much the same as yours, when he watches and someone gets an incredible price, he yells SOLD!
    Have a lovely Easter, Red Shoes

  6. What an exciting story, Suz !
    I also love old books.
    Happy Easter,

  7. Mary Ann..It's no APril fool's's real....
    Corey hit the jackpot! But you hit that when you met Stacy anyway...
    Red..ain't it the Easter's my only claim to greatness...

  8. "The Chicago Way." Oh you make me laugh! Forrest is from Chicago so he really got a kick out of your comment. Eek...I guess I did buy some votes on my blog. What do I owe you?

  9. I thought my guy would get it!

  10. you know My Guy's name. Isn't it the great name for a great guy!!

  11. Great find! I'd keep 'em too! They are beautiful books. Newer ones lack their charm and detail. Hope we get to see the painting too.

  12. Nice find and excellent story. I'd keep them too...they are right at home.

  13. That was a great story, Suz! I was hoping it would end the way it did. Congrats! I LOVE Antique Roadshow. You must have been thrilled to find out how much your $40 investment was worth.

    I look for treasures in thrift stores, but so far have only found the sentimental kind, like kitchen towels similar to the ones my grandmother used to have.

    Thanks for the kind words about meeting Cory, that was very sweet.

  14. Great story! I too am an avid hunter in places such as charity shops and car boot sales and have had some real finds.

    A small figure of Winston Churchill that cost me 50 pence that I sold on ebay for 110 pounds! and a Troika pottery vase boought for 1 pound sold for 150 pounds.

    I keep the real treasures that I love, no matter how much they are worth. :-)

  15. Oh my gosh! How exciting, Sue! You find the best treasures! You've got the eye, so happy for you! I must take time for that "hobby" again.

  16. love the photo and this story! WOW!!!!!


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