Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The late afternoon sun was flooding through my kitchen windows and I just sat and watched it stroll across the floor.
I can get lost in a moment like this,so quiet and pretty. I remember buying that dragonfly in a delightful shop in Galena,and those charms hanging off of it have been collected throughout the years.
I spent the day shopping with my mom. It was a good day.
I walked through the garden this morning and looked at all the work to be done. And I don't have the time ...but it always manages to get done. I try very hard to live in the's really all I's really all that's real. This moment.
As I write this I am aware of the gentle breeze coming through the opened window and when I rose this morning I saw the pink sunrise coming over my neighbors house. A cup of coffee in hand while doing my daily inspection of the yard revealed a bunny hiding in the dried stalks of coneflowers...and the I love robins and their songs.
Today it is going to be 70 outside! I will be babysitting. Now how do I let go of this.
I want to be in the garden ....
Think of moment...think of the
be where you present.....and all will be well
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  1. LOL, I was commenting on the baby when your new post popped up...I get lost in the moment too and wonder how all the work will get done. Spring, we wait for it and then realize, Oh, look at what needs to be done. It is funny how it does happen tho. I had been doing daycare for the past 7 yrs. on and off and now that the last one is finally out of the house, I have more time, but still, not enough. So, I truly Understand, how you want to be in the garden.
    Take him with you, he will giggle at the songs the birds sing. Have fun in the Present.
    Bless Your Easter Week

  2. Beautiful picture. Take the baby outside.

  3. 70 outside! We have got a cold spell just blown in and it is grey and drizzly - so I will enjoy this moment, here reading this, cosy and warm and lost in your writing.

  4. Dar and Nessa..okay I'll take him out...but if I get lost in the city......'s going to be 75! and tomorrow (while I'm babysitting the Finn) it's going to be 80!
    I listened to the Jackdaw's not like a crow's at all...but a pretty bird...are they funny? Love your writing too ...our hearts are the same

  5. What beautiful, soulful thoughts. Yes, all we have is the now. How often we cover up that fact with the befores and the to-comes. Be in the day and enjoy the little ones as they soak up the sun.

  6. so beautifully put and such good advice.

    you're my daily read.


  7. Closing on my first house this week, and I'm already landscaping and gardening in my head! Haven't done that since I was in high school about 15 years ago. (!?)

    Ok. 17 years. Ago. Ok, 39 years ago but I can still push a lawn mower!!

  8. I so understand you heart struggles with time and your deep soulful love of wanting to be in your garden. My best good wishes for you today and staying in the moment.

  9. what a beautiful moment you shared with us...can i have a cup of coffee and just enjoy the view?

  10. Purplehatartist..I know you know soulful thoughts...I was in the day
    Janean...I check you out everyday...always something that makes me smile and remember..thanks for that..hug back
    R.Burnett Baker..Your enthusiasm for your new home is endearing...How lucky for still want to dream and plan and garden! Blessings to you in yur new home...and garden..And you made me's 42 years for me since HS graduation!
    Blue Sky Dreaming..Mary Ann...You know I know you know about matters of the heart and struggles with time..I just know...and I feel across the blog lines your caring..thank you
    Brian...Your writing reveals a man with a great big heart full of compassion and caring....I am kindred here...nothing of someone's suffering gets by me either...thus the need to be
    just be just be ..thanks for your kind words

  11. We reap what we sow, and what a bounteous garden have you in Finn.
    Babies don't wait,but one day will romp in your own yard, loving what you have set aside for I wish that were me...yes, it is the moment of his life and yours that will flower forever.

  12. I LOVE that dragonfly! :)

    I often struggle with living in the present when I am so excited and working so hard for the future... house, kids... Sometimes I need to remind myself its ok to dream but not to let today pass me by!

  13. My garden is always staring at me as I read your blog. I love to be out there, once I'm there, but I do always get involved in other things first. You make me want to be in it. Pretty soon Finn will be frolicking in your garden. Show him where the elves and the bunnies live!


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