Saturday, March 6, 2010

Anyone else seen Shutter Island?

Because if you have,we need to talk. And if you write,I really want to talk to you. I feel ripped off..cheated and lied to.
I don't care if it is Martin Scorsese...
When the screen went to black...the theater went stone deaf
until a brave guy sitting behind me said..."Hey, we got another hour coming to us"...and the movie was almost 3 hours long...what does that tell you.
But...that's not my question for you.
I think either they goofed
or the movie didn't end the way we all thought it did... I should give the ending away so you don't waste TEN BUCKS!
The movie is told from the point of view of one person... as much as I can remember...I'd have to watch it again...AND THAT AIN"T GONNA HAPPEN....
there is one scene that I have been arguing about with my husband
I say point of view one scene HUH! We see through someone else's eyes!
IF THIS IS TRUE....all bets are off
SO if you have seen this movie please let me know
before I GO MAD


  1. Hmmm, after reading your post I can say I'm 99% positive I will never see that movie. Sorry it was just a disappointment.

  2. We saw this movie just the other day...I'm not sure what to say that wouldn't spoil it for others...READ NO FURTHER! but the ending seemed okay to us. HE was sitting next to his PARTNER/DR and clearly went back into his insane investigation and admitted (even though he would be taken to a lobotomy)to PARTNER/DR it would be better this way (lobotomy) then to stay in sanity (too painful to recall his losses)

  3. Here's the thing:
    As far as I can remember,everything we know is through his eyes...except when he meets the Doctor in the cave...We..the audience see her wake him up...making her real
    I read one review that said the experiment was.. Can we make a sane man insane?
    Know what are you thinking Mary Ann?


    Suz~We saw and actually really enjoyed the movie. It left me thinking about it for days after trying to wrap my brain around everything that had gone on. The doctor "delusion" in the cave bothered me (a friend at work was actually teasing me about "just letting it go") because while all of his delusions/dreams were complex, this one seemed further complex to me...empty food cans and such. Now I know the possibility of a barefoot woman sustaining herself for long in caves is not likely but still...that delusion seemed different to me. Now it didn't even DAWN on me that we saw her NOT through his eyes! You've given me a whole different way to think about it now!! LOL! I feel like I need to watch it again!

  5. ...don't get me started on this crazy movie!


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