Wednesday, March 3, 2010

and tonight I'm making chili


we've become something bigger
another connection being formed
deeper than an endless deepness

the wee one smiled today
tried to catch his hands
while I looked on caring
for him
as his mother,my daughter
left him to finish class

I saw in her face a longing not to leave
but she honored her commitment
..but will end it soon for him
her wee little boy, her son

she sees in the stillness of her heart
that she is his mother
and it is her milk that makes him grow
and she wants her smile to greet him
and her knowledge of right and wrong
to guide his way
she sees the purpose

I brought stew on Friday and
baked ziti on Monday
a strong desire to cook

smiled as I greeted her
gave her counsel as asked for
and I see the purpose

so tonight I make chili


1 comment:

  1. You're a good grandma. xx

    Have to go back later and read your last three posts. So interesting, Sue.


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