Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Microfiction #23

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Gee, he wished he were a woman;
he'd be the first to urge you to do so.


  1. Hi its still me from random short stories but having starting to do more 140 and less character bits I decided to set up this site Random Twitter Stories. refreshing/recycling some old twitter stories to get it going. Anyway back to yours...methinks he's charming the ladies with twinkle in his eyes

  2. When I first saw this I wondered to myself a similar thing - would she be so gung-ho to join if she really were a man and there was a war going on? All my uncles did except one who was too young - it blows me away they could do that, as teenagers. Amazing. I have to admit that I'd have a bus ticket to Saskatchewan before you could say 'Avast me heartie', I'd be terrified. Their bravery was (and is!) just huge.

  3. Suz;

    Good question, I agree with Susan.
    I don't have the courage myself, but I guess how do you know until you're faced with the danger. If someone was hurting my child, I know the strenght would be there!
    Long answer, have a great week Suz.

  4. Great! - by the way - I've missed you! x

  5. great view from a different perspective

  6. Turnabout is fair play!

    This was well done!a

  7. Nice take on the picture, I wonder if I had to join would I really want to as well.


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