Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I delighted in the patterns
formed by ice in the birdbath,
knowing quickly the water
already was taking them away
bowing to the sun


  1. The transition into Spring seems to be taking it's sweet time here and there...good that you find beauty in all things...ice and snow.

  2. beautiful photo and thoughts. it caused me to look closely at all the different patterns there are!

    big hugs!

  3. tomorrow promises rain. proof. spring is moving in our direction.

  4. What a stunning photograph! Makes me want to reach in the water and touch a sliver of ice.

  5. Lovely photo and words - most mornings my bird bath has been the same - sometimes not thawing for days on end, today it actually contains liquid! :-)

  6. I also had a ice filled bird bath in my yard yesterday morning. It was cold, so I stayed inside. Glad you have a photos. Love the design.

  7. great shot and words, ice in the birdbath, not for long.


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