Monday, March 29, 2010

Stopped at a light on Lake Shore Drive I glanced over to the lake
and spotted this tagged light box.. TEMPER...scrawled across
Have you ever ponderd the dangerous places these taggers hit.
So much anger and emptiness out there
begging to be noticed
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  1. thanks for joining earth hour. and, yes, there is lots of sadness out there in the world. sometimes i worry for the future of my children and their generation. but i love scott nearing's words...
    It is our opportunity, our destiny, and our responsibility to keep on living, constructing, creating. We must live, not die. We must not stop. WE MUST GO ON.
    (Scott lived to be 100 and he and his wife Helen were tremendous change agents.)
    I believe there is always hope...

  2. Wow, such a unusual word scrawled there. Is it a warning, or simply an angry soul screaming out for help and recognition? Makes one tremble with concern either way

  3. Hey you...I have a dental appointment tomorrow. At this point, I can't wait to go!!! I am in such pain! I am going to ask for some good drugs!

    Anyway...thanks for asking about little old me.

    Interesting photo....

  4. poor thing....
    hang in there...take what ever they give you
    I care about little old you


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