Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't let his looks fool you

My kitty,Webster, is a hunter. Yes, you heard me, a hunter.
You can see the body count behind him in the photo
Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Piggy got away today
but he'll be back
back in the basement
stalking the vast wilderness of boxes for his prey
Hide Teddy Bear!!
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  1. Nice story about Webster, Suz !
    He looks so sweet and cute, it's a beautiful picture !
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Oh my goodness, Webster is such a cutie. How could a kitty with such a sweet face be such a lethal hunter? Maybe the teddy bear will get in to the witness protection program before he ends up like rabbit and piggy.

  3. Oh dear. He is so cute. We had better not get Webster and Rocky together. I think the two of them could really get into big trouble!

    I love cats.

  4. Webster looks like he could be a brother to my late Shadow. He was the best mouser...and loved to spend his time outside by the barn. Webster sure is handsome.

  5. Oh yeah....he's a monster! LOL!

    Happy post! I had two cats for 17/18 years. Brothers. They were just delightful for those years, then old age caught up. I miss 'em....

    Thanks for your comment on my oak tree post. You'll have to post spring and summer pics of your trees from yesterday!!

  6. Oh God, I love this!! You have no idea how silly my family gets with some of the stuffed animals that live in our house. I'm glad to know we're not alone!!!

  7. He's wonderful! What a darling expression - give him a kiss from me. :-)

  8. Robin...We didn't do this with the animals....he did...he really hunts them....leaves them in our bed all the time!

  9. what a cutie, i love that he plays with toys like that, so funny. i can't get my cats to do anything such thing, and I've bought them tons of toys. They will chase the feather thing, but only if I'm swinging it around. He must be so fun to watch.


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