Sunday, March 7, 2010

See what I saw this week

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I guess I'm home


  1. Hello Suz,
    interesting pictures !
    Is this Handsome ?
    Is he feeling better now ?
    Have a nice week,

  2. Oh that poor icey kitty. I hope he is okay.

  3. I was wondering how long it would take for aomeone to ask about him...he's back..the other paw is now swollen...but his eye is healed and he's not limping...
    I guess I am home when he's hungry

  4. He knows where the loving is. He actually looks content in spite of his physical ailments. Ah the good old days when he was stalking the owls. Give him a kiss for me! or just a wave through the door...hope he sticks around.Home is where the heart is!
    P.S. Thanks, Suz, for the kind words on my blog. Always love your visit.

  5. Aww I just love that cat!!

    My parents had a scare yesterday with their cat Moby.. he is an indoor/outdoor cat (very wild at heart!) Usually he comes home after a couple of hours of being outside, and yesterday almost 5 hours had gone by when my parents decided to start looking for him. They were yelling his name and heard crying, but could not find him (it was already dark out). Thankfully, a few hours later he made it home completely covered in mud and much disheveled. They gave him a bath and some love and now he is good as new.. this isnt their first scare.. but I think Moby likes scuffles... he always goes back for more! *sigh* silly cats

  6. Oh Sara Moby was so lucky
    We used to let our kitties out..butno more...they are in such danger out there..from predators,parsites,worms..and people who hate cats...and pison them...not mention cars...
    But Handsome was never owned by anyone....but I think he's thinking about it..old rascal
    glad Moby got home...poor guy
    One of our kitties almost died in our nighbors garage..they went away for a week and Smoke had gotten inside their garage..not good

  7. Oh, so cute. I love that cat! Those eyes. Those ears...

  8. Dogwood, you would love this old rascal....with his raspy (sp?) meow...

  9. Oh Sue! I hope he'll come in soon. He's such a fluff and would just love his tummy rubbed in your warm house.


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