Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Remember I told you I was cleaning out my writing closet? Well, I found a wonderful book , the
 2005 Wisconsin Poet's Calendar. My experience with Wisc. poets is that they support each others work. Maybe it's the long winters,maybe it's the large amount of workshops offered up there,or maybe it's just the good cheese. But they are a pleasure to be with. Of course I had to sit down and read the darn book,cover to cover. ANd one poem jumped out at me......I could have written it ..wished I had....but it belongs to a poet named, Shirley Brander, and it is called
The Getaway    (sounds like a title I'd use, too)..I hope she doesn't mind if I share it with you.

The Getaway

I didn't wash the dishes
and there were bills to pay.
The laundry was piled on the chair unfolded,
and the countertop was cluttered with papers.
But when his getaway car pulled into the yard
I left it all and hurried away with him.
We talked on paths strewn with brown oak leaves
and we sat on fallen trees beside a dimpled river.
We listenend to the robins and watched the ducks
racing iceburgs downstream.
We turned our faces to the breeze
and we forgot the unfinished chores.
Then we forgave ourselves our forgetfulness,
because it was the first day of a new spring
and it will never come again.

Now isn't that nice
and isn't it true
So when are you planning your getaway
and with whom?

we never get today back, so spend it...all of it in joy love and beauty!!!


  1. Our getaway begins after 3pm...we have our tax appointment and then we are off...a later or early meal at Moss the fishing boats and birds and wander into a few book shops and antique spots...there is a pottery place that specializes in Mexican pottery...should be a good afternoon!

  2. Oh my,Mary Ann, that's sounds lucky shops? dreamy
    pottery! be still my heart!
    bless you both on your getaway

  3. Yes, beautiful words.

    I am planning my getaway. . . coming? :-)

  4. What a wonderful, timely poem. I'm so glad that you shared it.

  5. Oh, I need a getaway so bad. It needs to be quiet and involve lots of time outdoors. I will keep you posted ...

    I like that poem.

  6. I just read Blue Sky Dreaming's comment about her getaway to Moss Landing. That's near me. Maybe I need to go there, too.

  7. Oh, wow I love The Getaway poem. I am still dreaming about my wonderful weekend with my high school girlfriends. Tomorrow I go home to San Francisco to My Guy. Yipee!

  8. this is just right, so glad you found it and shared.
    i think i need a simple getaway like this soon soon soon.


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