Thursday, March 4, 2010

Magpie tales #4

host's a weekly writing prompt to write a poem or vignette from.
This is the photo prompt for the week.
I wasn't sure if it was a pig or an elephant.
I wish I had more time to come up with something better
..almost skipped this one
But, I always love a challenge
and this was one. So here's my take:

A carved little elephant
that one summer evening
slipped from my hands
in a fight with my big brother
on the front porch of our house.
A porch whose floorboards tilted
and had seperated from the wall.
I watched as it fell from my hand rolled
across the floor and was gone into that crack.
All these years I have wondered about
that elephant that I spent the whole summer
hating my brother over.
Is it still there waiting
in the dark,in the dirt, with the bugs?
My brother died when he was 24,
fell asleep, hit a pole,
slipped through the hole that
separates us from life.
Somtimes I want to just go to that house,
crawl under that porch, and find that elephant...
Rescue something from darkness



  1. Wow I'm a big fan. Can't get enough of your work. Love it!!!! Dream about it!!!! Want more!!!!

  2. Great little story!
    It looks like a wild boar to me.

  3. Suz, you are seriously talented. Do you send your work out for publication to magazines and literary websites? There is a website called Verbsap that publishes concise prose that I think would be a good fit for your work. I'm pretty sure they are still accepting submissions.

  4. Hi Suz,
    Oh I have so missed your beautiful words and images. Your creative work seems to be getting deeper, even more personal, if that is possible. Aren't prompts fabulous? Submit, submit, share these writing even more, esp. this one.
    P.S. My grandmother had an elephant (not real ones) which we dusted every year. Hm, maybe I should write something. Thanks for inspiring, my friend.

  5. Beautifully written. Moving...

  6. Beautifully written and touchingly human. Inspiring that the object was not of regret, rather rescue. Deep. Thank-you!

  7. WOW. That is a beautiful image. Wow.

  8. Hi Suz,
    I liked your first one a lot. Its a nice little piece of nostalgia and then you hit us with your brother - wham!
    Seriously good

  9. Damn, Suz....that last line just hit me in the stomach! So thought provoking and emotional......


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