Friday, March 5, 2010

Magpie Tale #4 ( A second story)

I handed my mother the present.
My Aunt Sally laughed as she looked at the little carving that my mother had unwrapped.
"What is that nasty looking thing?" my aunt asked.
"It's a boar," I said proudly,just having learned this myself.
My mother ignored her sister and held the little carved animal up to the light as if she were examining a diamond.
"It's beautiful, Mazie," she said pulling me close enough to her that I got lost in her perfume. "Where ever did you get it?"
"I raked Mr. Booth's whole yard for it. He said he always saw me oogling it everytime I came over to help him with the garden,and since he wasn't getting any younger, he might as well find a good home for it. That's when he told me it was a boar from Africa. He said it's made of healing stone.He said he didn't need it anymore and did I know anyone who could?
"I told him, I did."
She smiled that smile that she always smiled when she could hardly hold back tears.
"I love it Mazie, I just love it."
She put it on the window sill that faced the street and frequently went over to it and commented on how pretty it was and how much she like looking at it.

But I knew, I always knew, it was him she was looking for...looking for him to come back,
and my father never did.

****This was my second story using this prompt.
I hope you can take the time to read the first.***


  1. Just noticed the similarities. Healing writing. Good. Like them both. Remembering keeps the memories alive in our hearts don't they?

  2. You connect with everyone with these, as a good writer can.
    Mine, a stained glass butterfly in the window...

  3. I enjoyed both stories. Isn't it lovely that an image can trigger a seemingly infinite variety.

    Suz, I have a writing blog that I'd like to invite you to read, if/when you have time to visit. I could add my email address to your comment section at some time and send you my address if you would be interested in reading it? Just leave a comment on my blog when you have time if you would. Thanks!

  4. Elena,thank you,but these are only stories,not truth and have nothing to do with healing. I guess I should be happy that you thought they were real..that would be memoir...this is pure story
    Lesa,of course ..I always love reading writing..that's sounds funny..all I need to add is 'rithmetic..ha!
    Mary,I have always had a strange working mind...I see story everywhere

  5. Your stories move me deeply. Why do my eyes always tear up when I read them, sniff.

  6. I loved both stories; such loss in both of them.

  7. Your work is bold your spirit is awesome, and you are courageous and free -- come visit me…



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