Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I heard them first.
That singing that woke the spirit within me that waits for spring's first sign.
And for me it is the return of the robins.
I took a walk and found them near the park,facing the sun,
that godlike presence in the sky
that is faithful.
I am renewed...
went back home and searched in the debris of winter
for signs of life,
and they were there,
waking to the call of the robins
I'm certain.
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  1. suz, thanks for stopping by sewandsowlife. we had a flock of robins swing by our place in VT a few weeks ago. they sure do lighten the heart! i'll come back here often!

  2. How wonderful that the robins have arrived. I like the picture you painted of the singing waking your spirit within. Hopefully the robins will be joined by colorful warblers soon.

  3. Although it's been warm here I haven't seen a Robin,thought I heard one this morning but the distant song went away. I know this weather can't last,too early but oh how grand.......

  4. Lovely Suze.
    I was confused when I saw robins over a month ago. I thought maybe they never left?
    Keep looking and all sorts of wonderment will pop up before your eyes.
    You remind me of this with your blogs.

  5. That must have been the most beautiful singing, especially after many months of cold winter. :)

  6. I absoluteily love the various songs of the robin.....especially the one at dusk....heaven sent
    thanks for stopping by Symphony of love...you are a busy blogger I see...how do you do it all

  7. I wasn't the only one that had robins in the snow...now will someone believe I was not teasing?
    But, alas, there was no singing then. But now.
    Because even the hyacinth planted in the fall is peeking out to see the robins!

  8. I saw them today too! And just around the corner we have baby lambs, spring is almost here.

  9. Baby lambs! that means we will probably see them on our way to Galena this weekend!


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