Thursday, March 11, 2010

It was early and I had just made coffee, fed the critters,and had chopped up chicken for Handsome. When I opened the patio door drapes he wasn't there. So just for the heck of it I stuck my head out of the door and called,"Handsome,Handsome!" and lordie if I didn't hear him answer me from the bushes across the yard ....and he came a runnin....home.
Must be good chicken.
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  1. Handsome is indeed, Handsome!
    Who can resist Chicken?
    You, miss Suz
    Are a Very Creative Wordster.,now
    Is there such a word?
    The Getaway borrowed, is
    Something I need.
    Continue to enlighten my day
    With your thoughts.
    God Bless Your Heart

  2. How nice, he must be feeling at home already. He's so sweet !
    Suz, you are taking good care of him.

  3. Welcome Dar! When I heard him cry out in answer....I almost cried...I have been feeding this rascal for over 5 years....he's a feral cat. But I love him dearly
    Wordster...sounds fun..actually it is! Bless you in return
    Getaway....I loved it...sounded nefarius at first....
    But the crime really is ...not to enjoy the day! Comeby again

    sylvia,I take such good care of this puss...and fnally I think he knows it! Thanks for caring about him too

  4. Handsome loves his mama! Glad to see he is doing okay and made it through the winter, all though he does look a little ragged around the edges.

    My stray kitty, Tiger, who looks just like Handsome disappeared about a month ago. Hmmm, I wonder ... perhaps they are the same kitty? :o)

  5. At first when you said you were chopping up chicken for "Handsome" I thought you were referring to you husband!!!

    I am in love with that precious cat. How nice that he came running! He must love you and yor yard.

  6. aw, i love this little snippit!
    He loved you too you know, not just the chicken. what a good mama you are.

  7. Has Handsome ever come running when you called him before? This story truly touched my heart. Such a bond the two of you have. Have you ever thought about stringing some of these stories and pics together and submitting them to an animal magazine or something? Love transcends everything, don't you think?


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