Friday, April 2, 2010

Incense and prayer

I am not Catholic but have always been fascinated by their rituals, like the Priest waving incense at a funeral...the clicking of the chains as smoke rose up to heaven. You want to know what kind of rebel I was as a teenager..I went with my Catholic girlfriend on Holy Thursday to visit various Catholic churches. How things have changed.
Anyway, while in Galena a few weeks back my good merchant friend found me an incense burner. He said they were hard to come by..but he found me one. His shop is filled with church items from old Churches that have been least that's what he says....I'm still having him look for an old HYMN board for me. You see, I was raised Lutheran and we Lutherans like to sing. The churches now don't use hymn boards!...give me a hymn board. I'm showing my age.. I know...but when you get to where I what.
Buzz, my favorite merchant, says Lutheran stuff doesn't show up too often.....but I have given him something to aim for on his hunts through the countryside.
Well, I took this burner home and am going to use it on my deck on a summer's evening...He even gave me some monk incense to burn to add to my experieince....yes, my husband thinks I'm nuts...but when you get to where I what
As I placed it on the deck rail to take a photo for you...I was struck with guilt. Is this wrong to take a sacred object and use it this way?
My heart would be in a religious realm when it is burning sage...does that count? In the sanctuary of my garden? God dwells there after all......He is in the wind and the rain and the morning sunlight...He is the light.
Now I can get to what I really wanted to ask you.....what request is not worthy of prayer...a waste of prayer...trivial....using up your three wishes so to speak.....
I had to tell you about the burner to put you in my head and its thinking
While watching Finn the other day...and he was other daughter called crying hysterically...her kitty, Frannypants, had gotten out....My daughter just moved to her new condo...and in the processs the kitty got out.......
My daughter saved Frannypants and her 5 kitten in a rain storm one she is very bonded to this kitty. My daughter was in great distress....and I had just gotten Finn to sleep on my lap... and I had to whisper my words of comfort and advise.
When she hung up I began to cry and prayed,prayed for my daughter in her distress that God would deliver Frannypants back to her. The same guilt came over me....Is it wrong to pray for a lost cat's return....there are bigger issues........But this was a day of trouble for someone I loved and I prayed....and I apologized to God for the frivilousness of my request.....but I tempered it with my daughter's suffering.......
and Franny pants was found. My prayer had been answered.....I guess He thought it worthy.....or He just was filled with love for me...who knows why some prayers are answered our I let go of my guilt and gave thanks......knowing God answered it His way

To those of you who are Christians, I wish for you a solemn day of reflection
of the greatest love.....on this Good Friday
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  1. ONE of the reasons why I like my church so much is that we sing lots of hymns.
    As for a trivial prayer - I don't think there is a such thing. I believe God hears all of our prayers. After all he even cares about that sparrow that falls out of the tree. We might not like the answers all the time, but he does hear us. :-)

  2. are right.. thanks

  3. My Church (Lutheran) still has song boards that we use every week. My friends uncle painted all of the individual numbers.
    Praying for a lost cat is not frivolous, God hears all prayers.

  4. I agree with Happyone!! And by the way, I am also a life-long Lutheran. My grandpa was a very stubborn and strict German Lutheran. He donated part of his farmland in Palos Heights so that Faith Lutheran Church could be built in the 50's. He wanted to be able to walk to church when he got old. And he did!! I know I'm off the track here but just thought I'd give you a little Lutheran trivia!! Happy Easter!!

  5. Your incense burner is beautiful lucky you. i grew up with Europen cathedrals and high Latin masses. Churches here are so boring to me. I burn incense at home all of the time. love it.

  6. All prayers are magnificent.
    All well loved gardens are holy places...enjoy blessing the place that gives you so much joy!

  7. I so loved this blog post. You are such a thoughtful, loving lady and so honest with your actions and feelings. Thanks.

    I love the church incense holder. I love it that your prayers are answered. You must be a very good lady!!!!

    Happiness to you.

  8. I too love those ornate burners, the clang of the chain as it's swung through a cloud of incense. After not being at a Catholic mass in years there was something comforting about how many times that incense ritual was done at my mom's funeral.
    I have very vivid memories of attending Holy Week masses with my family — Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, and then Easter Sunday morning when my mom and I would get all dressed up.
    I've never heard of a hymn board, so now I'm very curious and will have to google it...
    Have a wonderful weekend Suz!

  9. What a beautiful incense burner! I'm feeling good envy towards it. And it's not sacrilegious as it has found a home w/ someone who knows it's significant value. It's so sad to know of all these places closing. Perhaps you can send me a note via email of your friends Galena location. I'd like to see more. I'm happy to hear the kitty was found. And nothing is too big or small for God.

  10. ..nothing is too small or big for God...
    This fills me with love Elena
    What a truth you have spoken

  11. Another Lutheran here, who also visited the Catholic church (midnight mass) with my catholic girlfriends. In my neighborhood where I grew up, my mom and I used to walk to church. I don't remember song boards though. Your incense burner is beautiful, Sue, and God is in your garden for sure. I know that.

  12. Oh! Hymn boards! Now I know what you mean. duh! Yes! Yes! Beautiful one in my childhood church and yes, have one in our church now. I will have to take a picture.


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