Friday, October 22, 2010

A Finny Day

Ah...a day with the Finn
almost 11months now....where did the time go?
I look forward to my drive down Lake Shore Drive
past the beautiful Lake Michigan....
you know, I could look at it everyday
watch sunrises and sunsets...
hmmm......sounds like a song doesn't it?
Well ,as a matter of fact I'm bringing my mom along for some fun ,too
walking the wondrous streets of Chicago
My daughter loves living near coffeehouses and little bistros
and quaint shops
I think we will enjoy all of these today
City sidewalks.....another song!
...Step on a line break your mother's spine
step on a crack break your mother's back.. wonder the women's movement caught on so rapidly in the late 60's
What about dad's back?
Any who.....a day of family, love, and laughter
But you can be sure the writer's mind will be listening for
found conversation and my writer's eye will
be taking in the atmosphere.....

Three generations of women together with the fourth
generation of Finn riding in the stroller


  1. Sounds like a wonderful drive and with all these potntial songs, it must be music for the soul. Have a wonderful time, all of you.

  2. Beautiful background photo of Chicago. I still fondly remember our visit there.

  3. Sounds like a delightful day.
    A day for making happy memories. :-)

  4. What a cutie patootie! And isn't our city gorgeous? I'm actually headed downtown tomorrow for some serious retail therapy. Adam and I are trying out this place called "Sepia" for dinner...we've heard good things.

    Enjoy your family time today!

  5. Finn is cute, Suz !
    Have a wonderful time together !

  6. What a treasure Finn must be, he looks so beautiful. Four generations altogether, bistros to sample, shops to look at, lots of conversation. All sounds good to me and to be somewhere so lovely is an added extra.

  7. Sounds wonderful! Now I will be singing these songs. :)

  8. Bless. He is a cutie. I've got the step-granchildren over tomorrow and am looking forward to every minute of it!

  9. I can't believe Finn is 11 months already. He is so cute, how can you stand it!

  10. Oh sweet. This does sound like a wonderful day. Grab all those sights and snippits and stash them for later.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day -- I was in Chicago for a convention about five years ago at this time of year -- what a beautiful city it is!

  12. A wonderful writer who never rests..lovely to go along with you!

  13. any moment spent with our grandbabies is stellar!

  14. He is getting so big!! how handsome!


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