Monday, October 18, 2010

Jingle's Potluck poetry

Jingle, at has invited me to share in potluck poetry
The theme this week is 7 Deadly Sins

Ten on a tablet wasn't enough,
they lusted after power,envious of greedy God
setting all the rules, so in their gluttony for control
of the commerce of forgiveness, their pridefulness
separated many from repentance...
instead, left them leaving full of wrath

Thank you Jingle for the challenge


  1. So thrilled to have you in.
    very compact but powerful sin poem...
    pleasant treat.

  2. Nice take on the seven. I like how you included sloth without having to say the word (left them leaving full...

  3. very well written and also very true! Man´s greed for power over others..............

  4. Kathew..bravissimo?!'ve met them too've got that right it worked...thanks for noticing
    Marilyn and Jingle..thank you for commenting and for being so generous

  5. I see why you could not get more comments, would you please choose your comment option as pop up,

    many of jingle poetry participants use word press, they don't have a google account, thus could not comment easily..

    I valued your participation.
    keep shining.


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