Tuesday, October 19, 2010

writer's island #25

Lost Boat by Spainish artist,Silvia
was the inspiration for this writing prompt
whose theme was Unleash

 She was the captain of her paper boat
She was the painter of the sea
She was the gull who unlatched the hook
She was the one who set herself free


  1. I'm a new follower *waves* and your blog is great!!! I'm so captivated by this picture, it's amazing, I love the water flowing from the picture frame, so inspiring!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Jen...it is a very interesting picture..for sure...Glad you liked what I drew from it..and thanks for following...always good to have feedback thanks

  3. Exactly, we have all the answers and keys, it's always up to us to be the artist and creator of our experiences.

    Really great Suz!

  4. Thanks Goddess...glad you saw that too

  5. wonderful description of the image..
    Thanks for this lovely share at the island
    much love

  6. Suz, this is excellent! As you interpret the painting, the woman in the painting has, through your words, interpreted her life. Nice!


  7. Cosmicamity..what a cool name..thanks
    Rick...I feared it didn't stand alone...which is what I'd like..not dependant on the image..but still to open the image as I saw it...make sense?
    and hey..I heard some rhyme in there...who knew?

  8. A @slice of life@ and a great piece of poetry. Well done!

  9. John..you are my cheerleader..:)

  10. Beautiful art and words - which are so true. They same the same as the William Johnsen quote "if it is to be it is up to me" ...so much from a sentence of two letter words.

  11. Perfect words for this amazing image...lots to look at...fish, waves etc...!

  12. amazing. love what you have written. i wish i could write bettern than I do. it is a task for me. i guess i should start practicing.

  13. Hey Marilyn..I love that quote!
    MaryAnn it is amazing isn't it
    what do you see when you look at it..or what do you feel?

    Dogs...start now

  14. i really liked the imagery and feeling evoked by captain, painter and gull -- very nice

  15. Oh the implication to that! She unhooked the latch sailing on a paper boat! I had to read it twice! so simple yet filled with so many things just about to happen. Quite fun reading!

  16. Very nice response to that picture!

  17. Suz,
    Isn't the picture amazing? I couldn't resist. I love your take.

    Set her free!

  18. I like your vivid, empowering imagery.


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