Tuesday, October 5, 2010

cut your losses

Sometimes it takes a long time and many disconnects to finally get through to yourself. ..Like your wires have been cut
and patched again and again
Sometimes you just have to
buy a new phone
or move
or break up
or lose that weight
or say your sorry
or forgive someone
or stop hanging around with poison people
or switch parties
or change jobs or careers
or leave your bad relatives behind
or dump the drugs or cigarettes for good
or stop blaming others
Sometimes it is time to cut your loses and be brave
LIVE the kind of life you want to have
been dreaming of
You can do it if you cut your losses now and forgive yourself
all the shortcomings you have
all your fears of what ifs
all the bad choices you've made
all the hurtful behavior you have been wallowing in
while blaming the universe
or your mother
or your partner
or the republicans
or your genetics
into your new life
You are the captain of your own ship
where it goes
the route it takes is all your planning
cut your losses now
and live
Until they throw the dirt over you
it is not too late
to make brave choices in your life

Discover what lies within you
that wants life and breath

forgive yourself your fear and indecision
forgive yourself your caring about what other's think
forgive your self the brooding moods you have
suppressing what you cannot change
was not your fault
was the weaker side of you that ruled your life far too long
forgive and release it all and Jump

really live
the beautiful life you were meant to live
Begin again.
Again. begin again
you'll see
it's easy.

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  1. Beautiful, Suz. I jumped, and it's made all the difference in the world.

  2. thanks. i sure do like being captain of my own ship. heave-ho...off i go into the wonderful world of wonder!

  3. Incredibly wise words----they really hit home and arrived with good timing! Thanks Suz!!!

  4. I'm going to bookmark this wonderful post - I have a lot of jumping to do in the next year.

  5. Great advice. The hardest part is taking that first step!!

  6. I really want to. But that fear: Fear of failure! Just can't seem to get past that.

    About 12 years ago a great friend and college buddy told me that I wouldn't pursue my dreams because, and he said it, "you're afraid you might just succeed. And you wouldn't know what to do with success."

    maybe he was right.....

    Glad to see you back, Suz. Hope you're better now...


  7. Such wise advice, Suz. Very emotional for me. I'd tell everyone to jump.

  8. Ah yes! So right in all you´ve said.

  9. This is definitely timely for me - I need to make some lifestyle changes that I've been whinging about for a while. Just do it!

  10. Hi Suz - I am truly inspired by your posts lately! They seem to coincide with exactly what I am feeling and exactly what I need to hear.


    Evan and I have done it - we are taking a HUGE leap of faith - biggest I've ever taken in my whole life... I will post more about it soon once it is announced and official!

    Are you taking a jump right now? I am glad you are back and hope you are doing well.

  11. Suz, this is awesome. You have said it all.. Forgive yourself.. well said

    I particularly love the last verse,
    "Live really live the beautiful life you were meant to live.

  12. Great poem and advice.


  13. I can forgive myself. But if I were to do this, no one else could:(

  14. Oh, Suz. I am so sorry it's too late for the swap. I've got everyone paired and ready to roll. Again, I am sorry.


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