Thursday, October 21, 2010

Magpie Tale #37

write a poem or vignette using the below photo as a prompt


He threw the worn dusty mirror on the bed.
"Here, what?" I asked.
"Here's that old mirror you always loved at Riley's Tap."
"That was twenty years ago, I can't believe you remembered that.What am I supposed to do with it?"
"Find what you saw in it twenty years ago, I guess."
"Oh, that's funny," I said, hearing myself. "I liked it because I thought that mirror made me look beautiful in the dim bar light, that's all."
"Really?" he asked picking it up and dusting it off.
"REALLY. I can't believe you bought that old thing."
"Well, I'm sorry I bought it. The place was auctioning everything off- foreclosure- I saw it and thought of you... way back then."
"Yeah... when I was... young and gorgeous."
"Mary, you're still gorgeous," he said placing his warm hand around my waist.
"Okay," I said, "then hang it over the bed....bad silver and all...What the heck... might still make me look gorgeous. You can't see anything in in anyhow and we don't wear our glasses to bed. Maybe we can turn the lights down low and fall asleep under it... remembering Riley's Tap."


  1. You are a real sweetheart Suz!

  2. I am aren't I..hee hee

    I needed that hug!

  3. So much of what you say, and write just resonates in me.
    Reading this makes me think that you are afraid of something?

    I also have my story to tell, and fiction would be my choice...much safer.
    Like the woman in last nights story, perhaps it is time to remove the green sweater with the worn buttons.....and fly?

  4. Lovely story I love it that they can't see in bed without their glasses.

  5. It is amazing and wonderful what you got from that photo-- very creative.

  6. Suz - we all need our portraits of Dorian Grey occassionally - that you have found yours in the mirror is great!

  7. Ohhh Suz, how good it is to remember and how WELL I remember! So many "Riley's Taps" and so many mirrors!

    You did a great job with this prompt!

    Steve E

  8. This is well done, and sweet, to the bargain!!

  9. So charming and romantic. Loved this, Suz!

  10. ha. big smiles on this one...perhaps she will see what she saw in it before...beautiful...nice magpie!

  11. oh yeah....and what a sweet man for remembering!


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