Thursday, October 14, 2010

Writer's Island # 24

Prompt # first

The theme is Envision
...and the below image
Oh, I love a challenge... so here goes
and thank you Writer's Island for
thinking I could

If I Had Never Bent

So many days were a heavy
canvas of weary dull clouds
that enclosed me
What laid just outside the big tent
of my life I feared a better dream
than what I had envisioned
But if I had never risked
never lifted that veil that oppressed
I would have never seen the blue silk
skies of freedom that were within my reach

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  1. love the picture and what you did with it.

  2. Great peace of writing and self expression?

  3. Thank you silk sky...yea,you know them
    John...thank you....the inward stew is rich with tasty vegtables..but I have learned to find the story in everything..and that is what story I saw in that image

  4. Wonderful words to go along with the picture!!

  5. Great picture and wonderful words, Suz !
    Nice weekend,

  6. That is lovely. I am glad you peaked!

  7. To take the risk and see the beauty beyond! The hardest thing is to take the risk.

  8. Glad for what you did,
    love blue sky..

    come from the writer's island,

  9. yes....what if?

    great (as usual, honey bun)

  10. FABULOUS~true words to live by!

  11. Love this poem, sort of a "road not taken" approach. It's true - if we don't embrace all opportunities, we will miss out on some great sights, sounds, and experiences. Keep 'em coming to the Island!

    Amy Barlow Liberatore

  12. I pay attention to my body when I read, and I have to say that I felt my body simply breathe a feeling of oh, yes this was beautiful as I read the words and felt the connection. Great One Shot xo

  13. Patty..that was one of the nicest things that you said..thank you

  14. A wonderful piece that so fit the illustration!


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