Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magpie tale #35

Willow hosts at weekly meme

You will die this Autumn
while the earth breaks forth
in glorious displays of death
or sleep
And the rain will come
as it always does this time of year
as will my tears
carving ridges into my heartbroken
And freezing cold will set in
taking the last remnants of beauty away
I brace myself for the frosty nights ahead
when I will taste the bitter cold of your absence
and my joy will be darkened
like the short days of this season
Let it be a cloudy, windy day
when you return
your breath to the Creator
when you leave me like the robins
whose songs I will long to hear
 For  it will already be desolate
in my heart


  1. I can so relate to this not on the love part but mainly on the winter part. My first Magpie #19 is kind of along these lines and then I try really hard to change my thinking and Magpie #62 is a little better. I loved your poem. It spoke to me.

  2. Oh Suz ... I can feel the sadness and despair oozing from your poem. True and honest your Magpie!

  3. Oh dear! Such loss in this lament. You really have truthfully expressed the desolation.

    PS. thank you for the gift of this little poem
    "as the leaves fall like years
    yes the truth
    makes winter easier"

    Then comes spring and renewal, my wish for you.

  4. Oh dear Stafford, I feel the depths to be able to feel the heights of joy
    thank you wise man who knows about such things

  5. This poem takes me to the depths of sadness which is almost palpable, an autumn sadness leading to winter.

  6. This was so well written I could feel the sadness.
    Well done Suz

  7. Wonderful writing, well done Suz!

  8. such longing!

    you will hear those songs will find peace

  9. Sadness now is part of the joy to come. Beautiful thoughts, Suz.

  10. so very very sad- I wish for you a Spring of JOY.

  11. ... so deeply and very beautifully written!
    and thank you for popping by via my lovely sisters blog and leaving such a lovely comment :o)

  12. Deborah...I claim her as sister too
    in a kindred sister way..thanks for your kind words

  13. Oh Suz this just griped at my heart...i think this is one of my favorites of your poems...truly beautifully written...i love it!

  14. Oh Carrie..thank you...I cried buckets writing it...but it was good

  15. super smooth word flow..
    well constructed magpie!

  16. What a powerful poem. Words like this won't form to often. I really feel it.

  17. Such a poignant poem, really heartbreaking.


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