Friday, October 8, 2010

Off to Galena

Galena, truly a get away place
I hope fields will be golden and the sky, heart ache blue
and the baby cows will have not all grown up

That I will be silenced by the beauty of the colorful leaves of my favorite old oaks
and the wild turkeys will be mulling around in the woods out back
where the owl hoots at night and
where the deer and fox live alongside two feral cats that the old Swede feeds
but don't tell
I need the visit to the country to recharge my life battery
that has run down from guarding my heart
But going to the Iowa farm that has the biggest pumpkins and the farmer's wife's
mystery apple bread will just about do will seeing the mighty Mississippi
and the White Water canyon
Okay, I admit... I am ready to fall into Fall
or do you say Autumn?
Shall I bring you back a pumpkin?

may it not rain
and may the road be safe
and may they all have insurance
and a driver's licence
and no warrants for their arrest
and God bless paramedics
and firefighters
and animal lovers
and good nurses
and doctors
bless them all
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  1. Suz this is an awesome tribute to Autumn.

  2. Yes, bless them.

    Your poems are beautiful, Suz. And I would like to thank you for reading and commenting on my blog, as well.

  3. Sound like a very special place for you Suz. May the recharging be a great and wonderful success, much greater than you dare hope. Safe journey!

  4. And God bless you too, Suz, as you autumn into autumn... hold up, maybe some things cannot be translated... OK, as you fall into fall.
    BTW, are you joining Lysistrata's army?

  5. Enjoy, recharge and fill back up to the brim with joy. See you soon. x

  6. Dear Suz Yes, a recharge is sometimes necessary. I hope you can help me, I think I read something on your blog site, sometime ago. It was about "drivel", does that ring a bell for you? I wanted to reread it, but really don't know where to look?

  7. fall is the greatest time of the year. you blessings are beautiful. thankfulness.

  8. Since the pumpkin would be awfully hard to mail, why not bring me back a wonderful pumpkin recipe. I love all your other recipes, you know.

  9. I want some mystery apple bread! That sounds really good right now...

    I call it "prelude to snow." Not really - I call it fall unless I'm feeling hoity toity - but I'm THINKING about the snow to come LOL.

  10. Hey, Suz. Did I come and tell you it was too late for the swap. Please tell me that I did.

  11. Those pumpkins are magnificent! Can I have one? LOL.

  12. A recharging and a mantra - lovely!

  13. What a wonderful autumn photo, such gorgeous colours. And yes, it is autumn to me. I wish you safe and happy travels; rest, relax and recharge your batteries but most of all - have fun.

  14. It would be hard to hold back my grandkids from jumping on those pumpkins :-)

  15. Oh, I hope so, too! Maybe you could send a slice of that mysterious apple bread.

  16. hope you had a fabulous time and got recharged... i say fall and autumn, but love the words *autumn* and *autumnal*

    yay for pumpkins and the country.


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