Monday, October 25, 2010

Jingle's Potluck Poetry

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In the dim light of the restaurant
I look at you looking at our
last child,our daughter,
whose 28th birthday we are celebrating
and I remember it was you who wanted
one more,
and my love for you deepens
as quietly as my love began
on that bus on the way to class
when you asked,
Is this seat taken?


  1. a special love story,
    last child's 28th birthday,

    is this seat taken?

    sweet memories,
    profound and lasting love.
    beautifully done!

  2. very beautiful...and a love still lasting and so much stronger. Loved it!!

  3. Georgeous, so romantic, I love it too!

    I have a lump in my throat.

  4. Oh, those last lines bring on a smile and a lumpy throat! A perfect tribute of love and sharing...


  5. Oh Suz, what a romantic heart, beating with love.........

  6. absolutely lovely this one!

  7. Wow--what a wonderful piece! So many years and love tucked into a sweet, tiny package! :-)

  8. Love deepens and grows. Wonderful post. Thanks for the comment.

  9. I hit a milestone on children when my oldest son died. He was at the nursing home while we tried to find a decent, care giver. His birth day is July 18th and extremely warm. Heat saps the strength of a MS patient. We had the air conditioner on in the car and they had put it on in his apartment. They had hung balloons and his little apt. was packed. He was 41 and he cried almost the whole time. I tried not to. We both thought it was his last. He had one more but by that time he could not talk, see, drink fluids unless it was thick. I looked at my son and every single emotion passed my mind. Congrats on your daughter's Birthday, and it was a HAPPY ONE. Sorry I drug this out on your comment form and I promise not to do it again.

  10. Oh Lucy, you go right ahead and tell your story....I'm honored you shared it with me..and I'm sure there was a lot of love going on in that room.....

  11. it's like seeing the end before the beginning. love it.

  12. Yes, we all agree the poem is touching, so much so that Lucy was prompted to share her tragic story and so glad she did, but I can't believe you fell for the line 'Is this seat taken?'!!!

  13. Stafford..I did
    he's still is that smooth ;)

  14. Very sweet poem. Thanks for sharing!


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