Thursday, January 14, 2010


My friend April introduced me to blogs. Her's was the first one I ever read. I learned so much about her that I never knew...who has that much time to spend together? But it was the small things about her day that were the most interesting...and how she felt about things.  Really.who shares that in person?  Then she invited me to join the online Artist Way group she was in....April knew that I had belonged to a small group that met in our homes.  Hey, there is always room to learn more about I joined in.
 From there I got to learn about the group's individual blogs...some I enjoyed..some not.  I am a devourer of life...I want feelings..passion..sharing...conversation...insight...thinkers.  But what I did find was other blogs on their blogs and so on and so on. Usually it would be a comment someone would leave that I would say "Kindred spirit?" 
It has opened a whole new world to me.
 The first Artist way group I belonged to ..we were all strangers..with very diverse backgrounds in income,education,and interests. That made all the difference for me. 
Blogging is like that
I usually leave a comment...I want the connection  or I wouldn't bother following. Something in their blog touched me. I invest.
And blessed am I if the feeling is returned.
I add and cut my blog list frequently
There are too many out there to waste time on someone's who is only into themselves and worship
Move on
Connection...So many wonderful people out there..who blog..who I think want what I seek..
connection...that personal sharing of the mundane of our lives that actually reveals so much about our lives. They get it.
I love thoughtful and thinking souls
thank God so many of them blog

I guess there is so much more at 59, that I desire to know
I want to challenge myself..learn about my own fear
live more fully
be more present
dare to think of myself in new ways

So you may find me sitting at your feet
wanting to learn from you
Thank you, fellow blogger, you know who you are.


  1. Thank YOU!!! You are a huge inspiration!!! I need to be reminded OFTEN to focus on what's important, see the beauty everywhere and to truly ENJOY life!! It's too damn easy to get side-tracked in this crazy, busy world!!!

  2. Hi Suz,
    The Artist Way groups intrigue me. I learn so much to from other bloggers, and love the connection and dialoge. It's such a gift. I love how you clicked on my from Melanie's blog from something I said and now I look forward to reading your blog and of course can't help but love your comments on mine. Round and round. Isn't it lovely?
    Peace to you fellow blogger, searcher, kindred soul. I was just thinking of the title of your blog on my way to work, Begin Again. It is now a mantra to me. I can. I will.
    And you too, of course. I like what you said about thinking of yourself in new ways.
    Thank you.
    PS sorry I can't spell.

  3. Hi getting sidetracked is good! What's important I think is living our lives. Not planning it
    not organizing it
    not staying in a narrow box with it
    live it
    see where it takes you say yes..if your heart calls!
    Oh yes beauty everywhere. I was just thinking about that tosay driving down the Kennedy Expressway..Beauty? dirty snow and garbage averywhere...but I know ..I MEAN I KNOW that yes there is it Susan!
    Then a woman knocked on my window on the Addison exit...she held up a sign..HOMELESS I looked into her eyes and smiled. I don't give to panhandlers. She put down her sign and smiled the most beautiful smile back at me. So yes seek it

  4. Oh Bethany where do I begin with you...yes we are kindred souls. I joined an AW group becasue I really felt like a blocked creative...I was. But that was only a stepping stone..a turn in my life's path to finding what it really was that I desired.
    I truly believe it was our diversity that made it work that pushed us to was the most fantastic thing that ever happened to me...I love those women..some were writers,one jazz singer,painters,and would you believe one was an exotic dancer...We did the work and we all had growth
    The title of my blog comes from the writer, Grace Paley
    "Hey you begin again. Again? Again..again
    you'll's easy begin again..."
    Oh I just read in a book that if you can't golly you are a writer
    ..thanks for all you give to me..Suz
    It is my mantra also
    and it is so freeing
    screw up...begin again
    disappointment...begin again
    loose it..begain again
    How can you ever really fail..if you begain again
    it's always the first time

  5. Wow, you are a very thoughtful and thought provoking inspitation to me. I feel so lucky that we have met via our blogs. There have been times when I wanted to reach out and hug you. I like the way you can be funny, silly, serious and curious. Thank you.

  6. I like how you are so honest on your blog. You seem like a very down-to-earth, authentic person (traits that I admire very much). I loved the Artist's Way when I bought the book a zillion years ago-- it was such a revelation. I tried joining a live group at one point but dropped out.

  7. Dogwood and Goldenbird....I sit at your feet and learn
    I am rather of a mishmash person
    but that's me..I am one to turn over rocks looking...always looking
    and it has been so much fun to learn another side of myself revealed through blogging
    And I have discovered the camera
    we all love cats
    and probably eating :(

  8. Suz, I don't really "know" you, but still, I feel like I do! Thank you for supporting my little blog the way that you do :-)

  9. C.L.Smith...What do you want to Know?

    I love your blog and your writing..but not Netta

  10. Sue! Look what you have done with your blog - and now two! And they are both so meaningful. Yes, we sure do learn more about each other this way. And I'm so happy to know you. (was before too.) We're journaling our inner thoughts. Thoughts when we're alone. Feelings we get when we look at things we love. Things we wouldn't think of saying when we're in a busy group doing something else. Whispers of thoughts. I knew you'd love this and I knew you had so much to give. You make a lot of people happy just reading what you are thinking. People like me. You have a gift and it's making all of us happy. You too.

  11. Have I said "Thank You" April?

    thank yu.

    you should go over to C.L.Smith's blog
    she's been writing a story about her days being an Aupere (sp is wrong I know) in France....very good

  12. Aw Suz, how you feel about April is how i feel about you! You are such an inspiration, and you encourage me to open up (slowly but surely.. I'm getting there!)

    But, if its April that inspired you, then I have to say "thank you" to April as well :)

  13. would LOVE HER!
    there is no one like her
    I wish to have her gentleness


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