Monday, January 25, 2010

weariness does not
have a head to lift
nor hands to fold
or feet to shuffle

but rather seeks

in the blue of the sky
in the stirring of water
in the bending of a branch
in the silence of a stone
a body to possess



  1. I like the line "in the silence of a stone" - just did 2 posts on the silence and inner stillness of stones--

  2. Beautiful poem, Suz. Love your use of language and imagery.

  3. Layers,there is something powerful about the stillness of a stone
    ..a kept knowledge


  4. i also like the image of the bending branch. Suz, you're one talented gal. tell me you're going to publish your poems!

  5. Beautiful poem!
    Love the contrasts between 1st and 2nd stanzas. January makes me weary but nature is always so reviving to me. And always revived when I come here to read your words. Nice alliterations too! Publish and share with the world, Suz! They need your voice.
    P.S. Thanks for nice comment on my blog!

  6. I really like your Monday poem...the first two lines hit solid for me...lovely Suz!

  7. and i didn't think anyone was listening

  8. Oh, we're listening. And appreciating your thoughts and talent for expressing them.

  9. Bethany..thanks
    i was weary when i wrote it
    and not when i was done


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