Friday, January 8, 2010

My cat,Webster

This is Webster.
He kept me company most of the day
sharing the sofa with me.
But he doesn't know how to make tea or warm up a bowl of soup.
But he is a good foot warmer.

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  1. Get well soon buddy. Love that pic of your window with all the snow. "Wow" I said and looked outside to the hot hot sun baking my world. "Grass is always greener on the other side" I said to myself.

  2. I am so glad that you have Webster to keep your feet warm and be cozy with you on the sofa. He is a beautiful cat! I just show his photo to Rocky. He just walked away. Cats!!!

    Stay inside and take care! Get well.

  3. Oh Uta I love the fresh falling snow...and it was so quiet that morning and I just sat and took it all in
    I'm not a fan of real hot weather..say 90's
    thanks for the good wishes

    Cory...that was funny about Rockie..
    Webster has to live with two females..
    how would Rockie like that?
    I had to go out today and get my flat tire fixed! goodness gracious..what a week...One look at me and they got me right out of there!

  4. Webster is such a great name for a cat.
    He's adorable.
    Your cat doesn't know how to make soup?
    What about cat hair cookies?
    I love how they warm us too.
    Happy Weekend Suz.

  5. Webster is so sweet, lovely name !
    Suz, we both do love cats.

    Hugs to you and Webster,

  6. Our pets are in the house today and, if they didn't have to go out occasionally, I suspect they'd never leave the sofa. Our temps are going into the 20's tonight, so weird for SW Fla.

  7. Oh Bethany that is too funny cat hair cookies! Thanks for the laugh.cough cough.sniffle
    Sylvia..thanks for the hug...Webster is a cutie...strange sometimes..but a cutie
    Oh Lesa, I don't let my kitties out....learned my lesson a few times..and don't want to experieince that again
    20's! wow what about my oranges!
    oranges are getting me well..I must have FLorida oranges!
    Three squares and a fluffy chair..that's most cats needs

  8. Webster is gorgeous! Love his coloring. Sounds like he's nursing you back to health in the ways that he can. When I'm sick my cat Charlie will often snuggle with me and I like to call him Nurse Charlie :o) Hope you are getting better, Suz.

  9. Hi April...yes love our heaters
    Goldenbird.Nurse Charlie cute
    They seem to know that they are needed don't they?
    I am getting better..thanks all


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