Tuesday, January 19, 2010

That which you manifest is before you

My crown is in my heart,
not on my head,
Nor decked with diamonds
and Indian stones,
Not to be seen:
My crown is caled CONTENT:
A crown it is,that seldom kings enjoy
                              -----William Shakespeare


I had lunch today with my book club,The Bookies.
We read the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein
If you haven't read it..please do
It is a story about life
It is a story about a dog named, Enzo
You will never forget Enzo

After our meeting we went to a Chinese Bistro
and had so much fun laughing and talking
about everything.
I left so content
content with my life
good friends
good book
good discussion
good food
It doesn't get much better

not even for a king


  1. Oh, yes I loved that book. Life through the eyes of a precious doggie. Sounds like a good book club group. Lucky you. They all must love having you in the group.

    What are you reading next for the book club? Just curious.

    Lots and lots of rain, wind, thunder and lighting in CA.

  2. Well this time I was in the glow of victory they loved the book..my choice....But I think sometimes I over analyze the writing and plot
    We are doing an oldie
    The Man in the gray Flannel Suit

  3. great quote.
    your book group meeting sounds lovely.
    i have that book, but haven't gotten to it yet.
    glad you liked it.
    enjoy the day Suz.

  4. That books sounds good-- I will have to check it out. Your book club sounds wonderful. Love the Shakespeare quote, it is so true. I often try to regonize contentment in my own life. It's easy to miss if you aren't paying attention :o) Thanks for the reminder, Suz.

  5. Bethany and Golden bird I thought it was a great quote too
    so many wise people
    and they pass us so quickly
    Yes Bethany..read it...
    Goldenbird you sound contented lately making those socks!

  6. What a day! And thanks for the book tip, I'm looking for a good read.

  7. the book looks interesting-- I used to belong to a book club before moving north of Seattle-- have fond memories of discussions and eating dinner and disagreeing about the books

  8. I love
    Genuine disagreement
    I especially like to talk about the writing
    I love when we speak of the characters as if they were real...oh the thrill of a good book discussion

  9. Hey Suz,

    I tried to leave a comment on your writing closet post, but kept getting blocked. So here I am with good things to say about this post too. Love the book suggestion and I'll get a copy soon.

    I understand about your writing closet. I have a shelf of blank, and not so blank, books, plus the computer. I cleaned out of my files recently and for the same reasons. The purge felt good!

    Thanks for your comment on my hot dog post. I've had Chicago-dogs that have tomato and pickle. We enjoy all hot dogs, but on birthdays we tend to go for the "traditional" Carolina dog.

  10. Lesa...Thank you..I think this purging is going to lead to something....raw onion by the way
    Relyn..kindred souls you and I
    I thought of you when I posted that shakespeare quote...it is so you

  11. It was a wonderful book. I love Enzo. And yes, I was looking for Clifford in the restaurant. Great book. Great discussion. Great understanding. Because of you, the perfect facilitator. You do such a good job of bringing out every message in the book; things I didn't even think about. We got our money's worth!

  12. shucks April...I'm speechless
    bastard crows!

  13. One of the best books I've read in a long time. Touching, honest, heartbreaking and crazy funny...especially the demonic stuffed zebra scene!


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