Thursday, January 7, 2010


I was just sort of bragging to my daughter over Christmas that I never get sick. know what happened.  Lousy cold.
Out came the tea,oranges,lemons, and of course homemade chicken soup.
If you can call it that. Somehow I didn't have the energy to make it the right way
I just sort of boiled some chicken,threw in some onion, garlic, dill, celery, and a few noodles
for good luck. Not the same as making it for someone else.
Take it easy,Susan, I said to myself. You've been chasing all over the Chicago area for weeks
So easy to tell someone else..especially my children
but I had chores to do
and calls to make
I got so busy being busy I almost forgot that I was feeling sick
Take your vitamin C? my husband asked
No, I said, that doesn't work
Then why do you make me take it when I have a cold?
Cause it works for you..I said
A little wine I said  wouldn't hurt
my grandfather swore by Old Granddad... or Rock and Rye ...can you still get that stuff?

Cold schmold
Kleenex? Whose got the Kleenex?


  1. I'm sorry you're sick.
    I loved your comment! It made me laugh, I actually posted the title by accident, ooops! There is a real post now!! LOL!
    I hope you feel better soon sweet friend!
    Yeah, wine works wonders for me too...but I don't know about Rock and Rye


  2. Oh Sweet Pickles (that's my new name for my little granddaughter) I am feeling lousy..just a lousy cold Did you post something like this..oh I'll have to hop over between nose blows
    Sweet friend? gee,thanks
    I did open a bottle of Merlot...I slept well
    Rock and rye...sounds icky,but he swore by it

  3. It was my turn to have a cold during Christmas. The germs marched though the entire family, sequentially, thank goodness. At least we could look after each other. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. hope you get feeling better soon. this time of year when i get a cold it lasts forever! hopefully yours will be gone quickly and remember- vitamin c!!!!!

  5. Take it easy and take good care of yourself. Rest, rest and more rest. Want you to get well so you can continue to entertain us with your wonderful blog posts. Hugs...

  6. Hope you're feeling better soon.
    Perhaps you can try whiskey ?

    Yes, that's Moesj, but it's a female.
    She came together with her kitten to our home. They were shy and very thin. Her kitten is Ko (the black cat on my New Year's card). Ko died, but Moesj is still here, for four years now. It took two years before I could touch her, till now I'm the only one who can.
    She's very sweet.

    Have a nice evening,

  7. So sorry to hear about this cold...yes, rest as you suggested to me just the other, heart, mind and body!
    Mary Ann

  8. Laura, thanks..but don't get too closse!
    Lesa.we made it through Christmas with out one nasty cold...that's a good thing
    Sylvia I think rock and ry is a Whiskey...My grandpa was an old German..he believed in a little medicinal whiskey..and steel cut oats.
    So Moesj is a ferral cat! I have taken in 3 such cats and their kittens..kept the moms ,found homes for the kittens...One cat named Abigail is still very shy,but gentle. BLess you for taking them in..I knew you were a good soul

    Blue Sky Dreaming...nasty these colds...I'm hitting the sofa right of kleenex in hand..Thanks for the good wishes
    But can I rest my mind?

  9. Sorry you came down with a winter cold, Suz. Take good care of yourself. Stay warm and hydrated. Everything can wait until you get better.

  10. Feel better soon, friend. Soon.

  11. Life is Good...I almost missed you!
    welcome...I hope my cold last only 7 days..that's enough
    How did this happen...Goldenbird
    it stinks...but I'm still sort of cheerful..what else to do anyway?
    Relyn, I shall take care of myself..

    It's so nice to have such caring blogger friends...thanks all

  12. You're tired. need to be taking Omega 3 with lemon, a sinus rinse daily ( I worried about doing it, but Julie taught me, and "knock on wood" I haven't been getting my usual sinus infections), and when you are sick - a hot toddy (hot tea with honey, fresh lemon, and a shot of Jack Daniels) My German grandfather never drank, but this was the remedy for a head cold and it works! makes you sleep like a baby.


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