Monday, January 11, 2010

A cat named Handsome

Will I be able to get this old rascal through another winter?
He showed up this morning unable to stand on all fours. His eyes were watery. He has the most awful meow...sound like an old cement truck. But he knows I feed him and that I have shelter for him...this winter with a heated outdoor pad.

When I got up this morning, like every morning, I open the drapes and look out to see if he is there. He hasn't been coming that regularly in this cold weather. Well this morning as soon as I opened the drapes he came out of his house.limping . He couldn't put any weight on his front paw. He's been through worse, but there is something different about him now.
He looks like he wants to give up.

I rush some hot chicken out to him and he moves away as usual. He only comes near if I go inside. He gulps down every bite. He stands and looks in the door....which mean...more,please. I oblige....he stares again....I give him some dry food and some warm water. He drinks almost the whole bowl of water...then a few bites of dry food. Back into his house for about 15 minutes. The next time I look he's sunning himself on 3 legs....fourth paw held up close to his body. As I go to open the door to try and get a look at him..he hobbles off of the deck into the snow and is gone.......

He deserves a good warm house and a warm soft chair and 3 square meals a day.....but he's afraid
If only he could talk and tell me how he happened this way.

Two night ago in the late evening I looked out to see a very large long haired orange tabby outside eating Handsome's dry food.
Oh another poor soul.
Maybe he and Handsome have met already
The orange tabby saw me and fled just like Handsome did
It's taken me years to get him not to run completely away....
I have even gotten him to come just inside the door
but he will forever be unownable
if only I can get him through this winter
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  1. Oh, I sure hope you can get him through the winter. Reading your post was so weird because Handsome looks like the stray cat that sleeps on my patio and has been missing for about a week. Plus there is a stray orange tabby who comes around and eats his food. Isn't that weird? I sure hope Handsome's paw heals and he gets his spunk back. Have you considered trapping him and taking him to the vet? He might be traumatized but maybe it would be for the best to get him some help. (Can you tell I'm a sucker for strays?)

  2. He's so HANDSOME, Sue! Oh my gosh, I wish you could get him inside. He'd so love it, living with you.

  3. Oh Suz,
    This just made me BAWL.
    I love you.
    Thank you for taking care of this boy.
    Chicken for him! What a wonderful woman you are.
    This just made my entire day even though it broke my heart.
    Thank you for being you,

  4. Goldenbird,this is my dilema...if I trap him..which I think will be so traumatic for him..almost a betrayal...he would be treated as a ferral cat....they would test him for feline aids and if positive...put him down...youknow how hard it is to put an animal down....I cant risk him getting my kitties sick...but I care so much for this old rascal...but I am thinking about it. also are a dear caring soul...caring so deeply for too
    yes,chicken rotisserie chicken from Jewel...but he's worth it
    Golden bird,
    It is funny that you have two kitties are a golden soul Stacy
    Oh APril...I just know he would be the best indoor kitty....but what would the others think....our pecking order is settled...

  5. Oh Sue,
    Sad to see the old goat like that but your helping as much as you can by what I see here. good thoughts for him and his friends.

  6. Why thank you Laura and thanks for stoppping by this day
    I'm a softy for animals

  7. Hi Suz,
    I saw your comment regarding claybord on Marge's blog. It is the most glorious smooth surface yet rigid substrate. I *love* to paint on it and Marge took my class at Valley Ridge last year.
    Anyhoo, just thought I would stop by to answer your question, but then I started reading your blog and saw you taking care of cats.....naturally that tugged at my cat-lovin' heartstrings. So I am glad to meet you and so glad you take care of these animals.


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