Friday, January 29, 2010

My path has taken a turn...and that's okay..I'm needed.  But I feel it all the way to my shoes..literally...I've been wearing ugly shoes!
Now, I must keep on top of this or I will wander aimlessly on this sidetracked path forever
 before I even realize I've gone nowhere..even backwards
..  lost..again.
So how do I do this...keep in my conscious mind
  the real path, the real journey
It takes being deliberate
I must
plan my meals
be still
observe things inside of me and outside
if even in small ways

I bought a garden magazine yesterday
I'm dreaming...planning
thinking of redoing a section of my garden
for meditation....with lots of stones and rocks
Layers blog has led the way for me there
to the the stones
I have them sacttered all around my garden
now I will collect them in a place of honor
That is how I stay on the path..the journey
I am making valentines..30 of them..each an expression of love
in some way...made by me..for a friend
That is howI stay on the path
I styled my hair, put on my favorite earrings,
picked out my cute shoes that go with my chosen outfit
..cleaned and moisturized my face..put on some makeup
all to watch my little grandson...
That is how I stay on the path
I read three poems this morning,
fed Handsome,the birds, the squirrels
took a walk outside to feel the fridgid
but I breathed in the air of this day
That is how I stay on the path
It is the little things of living
that keep us on our path
So off I go
with a happy heart
to serve
to love
to connect
This path is pretty good too


  1. My morning walk and God keeps me on my path. :-)
    I'll be making a card today too. An anniversary one.

  2. Oh Suz, I love this. Good reminders for everyone, I think.
    I love that you are making 30 Valentines!!!!!!!
    This made my heart happy.
    Sweet sweet sweet.
    YOur meditation/rock area sounds lovely.

  3. I like the way you write. Are you making 30 valentines for one friend? A meditation area in your garden with rocks and stones sounds perfect. I stay on the path by remembering to take lots of quiet time ... if I get too busy, I forget.

  4. Happy one...yes,God. I know Him...:)
    Bethany, yes 30 individual cards..actually they are in the form of a tag...but each one made by me..eek! 30 is hard..but it gets my creative brain working!
    I hope I get my new garden idea done...this summer...I love being in the garden in the early morning and late evening...perfect times for meditating ...
    Oh Goldenbird..thanks for saying that about my writing...Yes, 30 cards...I make them like ATC,but they are tags..with a love theme..yes lots of quiet recharging time
    Elena!!! You know I have missed you
    and thanks for your comment..I too have days where I feel like I'm losing myself :)

  5. Suz, I can relate to your watchful eye on your important to dress and be ready for each day...even a sidetracked one.
    I love your garden idea and imagine this Spring you will be ready with wonderful plans.

  6. yes a watchful eye...even a vigilant one

  7. Sounds like a very sweet path with love and care.

  8. I'm working on atc's for an in-person trade the first Saturday in the month and valentines for a few friends who like handmade cards. After lots of thinking and attempting to stay on my path, I sleep very, very well. Bet you do too!

  9. are part of my path and long as I don't forget to give that to myself!
    Yes,Lesa, I do sleep better when I stay deliberate with my path...and I love home made cards!...making and getting them...not works of great art..but works of great heart!

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I am so glad you pointed me to this blog, I am going to read back awhile too.

    I have just added this blog to my blogroll over at my Joy Frequencies blog - so that I never miss an update. :-)


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