Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I excavated my discovery journal and found this:

A picture worth a thousand words
on this cold gloomy
long dull day of winter

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  1. That's a great picture! Oh, to be young and carefree, dancing in the street.

  2. Hi Suz, I saw this picture and didn't read right away but chuckled at it as of what fun.. then I read and was filled with more hope.
    Great image to see this day.

  3. Sweet picture. Oh, lovely childhood. Such a wonderful and pure time of the human spirit.

  4. Unfortunatly I don't remember many childhood days like this, I'll take the here and now, much more predictible.

  5. really Red, not one sunny day of looking for ants under rockes..one sunny day of eating an ice cream cone, one sunny afternoon of swimming, one afternoon of playing with a girlfriend, one afternoon of being at a friend's house where the mom was nice, one aftrernoon of cloud watching...not one afternoon?


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