Friday, January 1, 2010

I couldn't stop with just one

I have begun....:)....a new blog, focusing on my love of my garden. In case you want to get really bored, take a look. My friend April should only know what a monster she created when she invited me to her blog. Blog?..what's a blog?    Can you hear my evil laugh!!!!!

Oh, I thought you might like an update on the Pumpkin family
They're still waiting for that bus.....some can't tell 'em nothin

**** Susan


  1. Thanks for your nice comment and for following my blog.
    Beautiful picture with the pumpkins ! The snow that fell here before Christmas is all gone. But it's cold now.
    Good luck with your new blog. I like flowers and gardens too.

    My best wishes for 2010 !

  2. Oh Sue! Can't wait to look! And those silly pumpkins! Cute photo!

  3. Sylvia,hello!
    Your blog is fun and endearing
    stop by anytime
    April...those pumpkins really have a hold on me just outside my dining room window..under the snow they are shrinking..with bite marks in them too
    ..Kid Squirrel!

  4. Can't wait to see your new blog. Love its title! Isn't it freeing to write what we want here? I think it's great to have more than one blog. We are each so multi-faceted that it only makes sense.
    I think you need to put some air holes into the snow. Those pumpkins can't breathe!Hey I'm getting attached to pumpkin family! I like those cobweb snow patterns in front of the family. Nature so beautiful!
    P.S. How's the rockabye baby going? Sweet!

  5. Oh Bev..I hadn't seen those cobwebs until now! good artist eye!
    I am chin high in baby this week
    Yes we are muti-faceted...who knew?

  6. aww love that little pumpkin family :)

  7. oh poor snowy pumpkin family, but what a beautiful photo. i have a similar family covered in snow on my front steps.
    excited about your gardening blog!

  8. Sara! Can I get you a cup of tea? Diet Coke? So happy you stopped by...moving soon?
    Oh Bethany! Take a photo of your family of Pumpkins..
    Oh my gardening blog...can't wait.. to have visitors...I'm a wench for sure in the garden...pure pleasure seeker! It all began in a garden..didn't it?
    Beauty has energy

  9. That is beautiful. I love this photo.

  10. Funny! Maybe tomorrow the bus will arrive. Those are very patient pumpkins. I would have been on my cell phone by now!

  11. Ha ha cory
    wait till the snow melts...mush!
    they'd wished they'd taken a cab


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