Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heart ache moon frozen circle

Full moon water...only better, Blue moon energy

Blue skies make my heart ache with joy. So when I placed my water out in my blue jar,under a Blue moon,it is no surprise that my heart ached at the sight of it opened in my kitchen the next morning. I was afraid the jar may have cracked overnight...temperatures reached into the teens. But oh joy, I opened the intact jar to frozen water...and it was beautiful...almost snow like....full moon energy in a new state of being.  And just behold the circle of blue..the returning to our source,the eternal,the unbroken...and oooh so blue.This is special water to me....symbolic in a way for the coming the same but change..let your being be further transformed. I think I will put this water on my sacred (to me) table. When I pray I will dip my finger into this jar of pure blue energy and touch my heart. So let me be transformed.
Beauty, beauty, everywhere...even in a bitterly cold night under a blue moon.


  1. I can feel the energy right through the screen. We have to have a "full moon alert" for putting out water jars!

  2. I've actually thought of that myself,April!

  3. water in a blue jar under a blue moon. How perfect. How lovely. I feel it too from your photo and words. Beautiful. Thank you for all your recent, very dear and wise comments on my blog recently. They mean so much to me. And YES, I am a HUGE Natalie Goldberg fan! I have notebooks and notebooks of writing practice from my college days. They got me through.
    Thanks for this beautiful post.

  4. are dear
    I would love to read some of your writing...can you post a few tidbits
    Ha ha..I'm not wise..I'm old!

  5. Wonderful intention! "full moon energy in a new state of being", such powerful words. I want to dip my fingers into the blue moon water too. I love those patterns in the middle. I wonder if there's anything hidden there to see (maybe some falling stars, some angels playing harp music)?
    I love your rituals. They are always very heartfelt. Let the transformations begin!
    P.S. Your words are always so poetic, you are a natural.

  6. Falling stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oooo! If we only could....why you don't think there's a chance one might have flashed it's brilliance across my jar do you?
    Oh Bev....! Oh, by the way...Intentions are for the New Moon
    not the full moon

  7. I'm glad the jar didn't break!

  8. I'm shocked the jar didn't break!

  9. Suz I love your heart the way you appreciate the energy of the blue moon,I like what you say "let your being be further transformed" I pray mine will be to complete wellness..perhaps that is the energy that the blue moon left for me!! I would like to think so.
    love and light aNNa xo

  10. Naturegirl, I truly do appreciate the energy of everything...including the moon.. and extra energy in a given month.. Wow.. that has to be powerful
    I have a happy heart and nature is a source to go to for sustenance,but it gets its sustenance from our heavenly creator
    complete wellness it shall be
    see a tree see an angel

  11. Suz,
    You are an alchemist...a master of the elements. The energy is your gift to you...beautiful!
    Mary Ann

  12. What else would BLUE SKY DREAMING SAY!
    Love IT!
    The older I get the more I let go of what I should believe and hold onto what I know I believe

  13. Love the blue jar with the "moon shine frozen water."

    I have been thinking about the energy in nature. It is amazing and beyond all else.

    I think you have a good thing going in the wonderful blue jar.

  14. Dogwood...I do
    all things are energy


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