Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, today with the sun shining through the windows, hubby gone,kids home safely...I decided it was time to tackle passed.  Is it wrong to say good riddance?
Where to begin, I pondered. Just begin! I said to myself with the cats within earshot. They left. Cowards.
As usual, I put it up, and take it down. Putting it up isn't so bad...I start with a glass of wine,opening memories as I open each box of decorations. Soon I'm in the mood and I desire to hear Christmas  music to carry me through the task of making magic.
Now I know why no one is ever around. It's like making sausage isn't it? The mess made... on the way to a well decorated home. By time they, or now,he, gets home it's all finished...candles glowing...the soft scent of fir trees wafting through the air. Sometimes I even get in the mood so much I actually make a great pot of soup to welcome the season of Christmas.
But what music will help me through this task today? I thought maybe the gypsy kings...nah, I use that to clean the house
...actually I thought it best to have no music....just sunlight and silence
then I thought of the eternal OM..............yes.......that's it
So as I fussed putting everything away....the hypnotic chant of OM floated me away to a better place...and all got taken down..packed and carried back down into the dungeon (trust me,my basement is a dungeon) And when I finished with the last box...I happened to look around the room, and there, zoned out on their backs, were 3 mellow kitties.  I wonder if St. Francis knew about the eternal OM?
Christmas all packed away......I'm feeling very ZEN


  1. Sounds like your chanting sure calmed the kitties. I like to sing lullabyes to mine. Great post, felt like I was right there with you, putting up the decorations and taking them down.

  2. Chanting, I see. I am not familiar with "OM". Enlighten me.

  3. I agree... taking down everything is not nearly as magical as the decorating.. I found myself having to get into a positive mental state this year while taking down the tree and the decorations, too.. Instead of allowing myself to feel that the place felt bare and empty and cold after taking down the decorations, I convinced myself that clearing out everything was the equivalent to a blank slate and a fresh start going into the new year.. It worked, and I'm feeling very ZEN myself :) Best way to start the new year!

  4. Oh April..I'll have to copy one for will have you levitating were with me...Apollo would love this CD
    zones my cats out every time..the first time I saw it I laughed so hard I ....! I'm over 50 happens

    Sara...don;t pay any attention to what I said to never happens
    glad your feeling ZEN

  5. I love that "Zen" feeling! Isn't it nice to have it all packed away and waiting for next year to be opened again with all that Holiday excitement!

    Oh, how I would love to have either a basement or attic. I remember how exciting it was to go down in my grandmothers basement...but creepy at the same time!

    Enjoy your evening...

  6. creepy! seen my basement

  7. It's always a quiet time of reflection for me, putting everything away and somehow having a clean slate around the house reminds me that it is a fresh New Year. I usual feel a little melancholy after the holidays, but this year I was ready to move on and have everything back in it's place. It's a nice time to reflect on the past and what the New Year will bring.

    Smiles, Nancy

  8. Oh lucky you !
    I'm starting that project today and will miss all my pretties. I shall try to gather a bit of Zen along the way...

  9. Acorn ready to move one! yes amen
    Artistamyjo....I dfound a few things this morning that I had Christmas plates hanging in my plate rack in the kitchen....will it never end Good luck today

  10. OM is perfect. Great idea. I think you are right St Francis and the kitties all know about the eternal OM. Glad you got your stuff down. Thanks for all the love you've given my blog lately. Such a treat.
    I loved your insight into my Rainbow post. Meant so much to me.
    Hope you can keep your Zen going!

  11. I once heard..that if you try to keep your Zen never had it...Oh how Zen
    I was once in a room where we (20 women) all chanted rounds...I was on another planet
    Maybe that's how my cats feel...
    Insight...yes..'s a curse I have..along with my big mouth


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