Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun weekend... I hope

I'm off to have a fun weekend with hubby. Tonight we are headed downtown to participate in Soxfest..I think that's what it's called. We are staying in the hotel for the night and then tomorrow we'll meet some friends and head off  to the theater to see Dreamgirls. I'm not huge Supremes fan...but some of it will take me back to the days when I was young and thought I knew everything. Not a bad place to visit..since now I know  I hardly know anything. I had to run out early this morning to get my roots done...
Had to pack clothes for events...ick.....stilll not at goal weight...all right far from goal weight. But I say YES to life and snug clothes will not stop me from having a great time with HIM and FRIENDS.
Rather I'll let it be a reminder to stick to it.
Will I be able to meditate at the hotel?
probably not...but I can people watch. Why I remember one night when my old artist way group spent a night downtown to see Wicked  (LOVED IT) We peopled watched. It was the best evening I had for years. We tried to guess what the people did for a living.....then it got silly......Oh I miss them
Well anyway...back to the tight's whats inside that counts..what's inside that shines...
yes life yes one promises me tomorrow.......yes life
diet monday

kiss hug...I'll be thinking of you all


  1. You look great! You just "jingle" all the way! Sounds like fun and I can't wait to hear about the people observed.

  2. Hope you have a great time!! This is the first year in 6 or 7 that my son and I won't be going to Soxfest. I thought I didn't care but now I'm feeling very nostalgic about it all. Maybe next year!!

  3. P.S. I too am suffering from "too tight" syndrome. It's awful!! I admire your ability to set it aside and have a good time!!

  4. have a good weekend--Soxfest sounds interesting-- involving socks?

  5. Have a great time...people watching, soxfest...whatever is happening, enjoy! Will wait to read all about it.
    Mary Ann

  6. Sounds like a really fun weekend for you lovely lady. The weight will come off at some point or not...and you are saying yes to life. You go girl.

    I loved Wicked. Saw it in NYC with my four wonderful high school friends!

  7. Enjoy your weekend Suz. I know just what you mean about the tight clothes. Argh. This weekend it's looooooooosy goooosy for me.

  8. Hope you're having a wonderful time, Suz! What is Soxfest? I would love to see Wicked some day. People watching with you sounds like great fun.

  9. Hope your having a wonderful weekend.


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